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January 6, 2020
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10 Outstanding Men’s Bedroom Trends for 2020

As of 2020 millennials are the largest generation in the United States and are driving a number of trends in home decorating and real estate.

This is a generation that grew up online, and with a noticeable emphasis on the quality of their possessions rather than the quantity. So it’s no surprise that over time, as the vast majority of millennial men have entered their thirties, tends in men’s living spaces have drifted away from dorm-style décor and towards a more classic, modern, and still distinctly male sensibility.

From minimalist to rustic, urban to luxurious, we have 12 design trends for you to consider as you develop your own private living space that perfectly captures your character and personality.

Dark Tones

If there’s one feature that separates a stereotypical shared or woman’s bedroom from a man’s bedroom at a glance, its color. Men’s bedrooms traditionally favor darker, earthier color pallets with flavors of gray, green, red, blue, and brown. While you don’t want to go too dark (a man cave shouldn’t feel like an actual cave) some strong earth or jewel tones can make a powerful statement.

Elements to consider include paint color or wall materials, cabinetry and shelving, door color, and lighting.

Natural Textures

Natural textures are a perfect complement to the darker tones men traditionally favor when it comes to décor. Hardwood floors (or a convincing cork, bamboo, laminate, or engineered option) are a great place to start. Match these to your furniture selection (bureaus, headboard, closet doors and shelving) for a cohesive effect.

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are ideal for men’s bedrooms as well, and can be a strong counterpoint to dark shades in industrial or urban styled spaces. Brushed steel, gold, or brass are all on-trend. Consider lamps, lighting fixtures, frames, or other decorative touches.

Accent Rugs

Carpet may be comfortable but there is something uniquely classic that comes from wooden flooring. And the extra floor space provides an excellent opportunity to further your theme with a high quality accent rug featuring a coordinating pattern and color.

Understated Bedding

It’s a man’s bedroom. It should be simple, confident, and clean—not flashy. Simple platform beds or clean, classic headboards will flow with the overall aesthetic without distracting or standing out. Be sure that the bedspread matches the overall color composition and that the size of the bed is appropriate for the space and the bed’s position within it.

Canopy Bedding

On the other hand, a high-end bed design makes an even stronger statement and can serve as a focal point for the space. Men’s canopy bedding should be simple and minimalist with clean lines that give the space a great sense of depth while forming an excellent and inviting boundary around the mattress.

Classy Seating

Suede or leather chairs can be excellent additions if your space is large enough to accommodate them, and if you have windows a leather bench can be picture perfect and excellent solution for tying your shoes on the way out the door.

Professional Lighting Design

If you’ve opted for a darker color dynamic be aware that lighting will make or break the effect. Big windows for natural lighting should be a priority, along with ample high-end dimmable LEDs in warm or sunlight tones complete with fixtures that match your décor.

Be aware that if you have a freestanding lamp or a lamp on nightstand it should match your décor as well as the color temperature of your other lighting.

Hobby Centric

The ideal room will reflect the character and passion of its occupant. What better way to do this than to make your hobbies, your passion, a focal point for the space?

Consider wall-mounted guitars, skateboards, or built-in athletic shoe displays. The room may have space set aside for a drum kit, or library shelves could be built in to a wall to serve as the perfect scholarly accent piece.

Creative Layouts

Individuals living alone have a unique opportunity to break with convention and design the space they want, regardless of what is standard or expected. Many internet-famous men’s bedroom spaces make excellent use of space by building up the bed with storage underneath, or by moving the master suite up to the attic or another unusual space that lends itself to a creative and refreshing layout, often with memorable horizontal or lofted elements.

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