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The Michigan Basement is something of an institution in the greater Grand Rapids area, and it has a certain charm with its unassuming concrete slab floor and 2-4 framing walls and ceiling. Still, for those who want more properly livable space at home, finishing your basement may be the solution, especially if one of the following fourteen great finished basement concepts just happens to inspire you!

The Guest Apartment

Why settle for a guest room when you can do better? A guest apartment is perfect for entertaining guests, housing relatives who may need to stay a while, or making you some short-term rental money.

Main Features: You’ll be building out the space as its own small, self-contained apartment, complete with bed, bathroom, sitting area, and even limited coffee or snack preparation (mini-fridge and microwave, for instance). Room-to-room flow is key, as well as the quality and coziness of your décor and material selections.

The Home Library

Book lovers, this one’s for you. Why not take a piece of your basement and make it into the perfect at-home library, stocked with all your favorite classics.

Main features: Built-in custom bookshelves are a must, so take the opportunity to make them as presentable as possible. You’ll also want to finish the space with coordinating flooring and ceiling material that doesn’t distract from the shelves or the books loaded on them.

The Book Nook

If home libraries are for storing and displaying your books, Book Nooks are for devouring them.

Main Features: The Book Nook is a cozy corner with adjustable lighting to give your reading experience the proper mood. Once the structure is properly finished you’ll want some cozy seating, ready for hours of curling up and reading the time away.

Bunk Nooks

As you’re finishing your basement we’ve seen great success from homeowners who build in little comfortable pods or bunks into a side-wall of the space. These open-side bunk nooks are great for reading, studying without distraction, and hosting sleep-overs. And when the kids go away they are easily converted into storage shelving.

Main Features: Custom-woodwork and upholstery.

The Downstairs Bar

When it’s time to get together, your house is the one friends and family think of thanks to this awesome home addition.

Main Features: It’s all about the atmosphere! Of course any home bar will have a bar, seating, and storage space. But it’s the décor that really sells it. Will your downstairs bar have a French café feeling? Exposed brick like a California wine cellar? Or will you host a private sports-bar complete with projectors, shuffleboard, darts, and pool?

The Home Gym

We’ve all spent some extra time at home this year, and with that time we all thought about working on ourselves. Home gyms aren’t just a good idea for your health, they can save big dollars compared to long-term gym memberships AND you don’t have to deal with judging glances or rude patrons while you work.

Main Features: You want light colored walls and a non-slip floor, and some built-in mirrors aren’t a bad idea. But besides that, home gyms really come down to a space and the equipment you choose to put in it. Simple!

Home Theater

Love movies? Love family time? Bring them both together and make the experience magical with a simple home theater.

Main Features: You’ll want designated space for a large screen or projector system (which may require some electrical work), built-in surround sound, and ample seating in a comfortable style that suits your taste. Video media storage and snack storage may also be a consideration.

Home Craft Center

Hobbies take space. Space to work, space to store supplies, and space to show off your final results. Set that space aside with a tailor-made craft or hobby center.

Main Features: It all depends on what you’re working on. A bicycle room will look different than a sewing room, naturally. But, in general, you’ll want storage space, counter space, easy-to-clean flooring, electrical outlet access, and good lighting that eliminates shadows as much as possible.

Sitting Parlor

Maybe you have a wood-burning stove in your basement, or simply unused space. Furnish it, build it out, and adding comfortable seating and conversation pieces and you can have a simple and comfortable parlor for members of your own family or guests to use for conversation, reading, and much more.

Main Features: Cover all the basics and focus on creating a comfortable, warm, and inviting atmosphere.

Home Office Space

Working from home had a moment in 2020 that we won’t soon forget. Be intentional with your working from home by setting up a basement home office that isolates you from your loving (get distracting) family and meets your needs.

Main Features: the furnishings aren’t as important as the amenities in this case (but don’t feel you can’t make it a comfortable and attractive space to work in either—you’re worth that much!) You’ll need a desk, comfortable seating, electrical outlets, good lighting, storage for whatever office supplies you may need, and solid internet and phone reception.

The Stage

Are you a performer, or do you have one in your household? Make their day and give them and their group a great place to practice with a basement stage.

Main Features: Soundproofing. Seriously. You’ll also want electrical and lighting design along with sound muffling materials—especially if you want to add-in recording equipment and capability. Feel free to install a raised stage as well, to add to the experience.

Magical Play Room

If you have small children, or small grandchildren, you’ll be amazed at how much mileage you’ll get out of a magical play space located in your very own home.

Main Features: This one is all about fun. Don’t worry about high-end materials and instead hit the basics and dress up the space with a custom or DIY-built fort, tree-house, or fairy-tale castle and then just let the kids have fun. It’s that simple! But carpeting is generally a good idea to help cushion little hands and knees.

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