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Just because your laundry room is a hard-working utilitarian space that you wouldn’t think to show off, doesn’t mean it can’t shine. There are plenty of cheap, easy, and efficient touches you can give any laundry space to make it look, feel, and work better for you.

So roll up your sleeves and consider the following expert tips for making the most out of your space and turning a small laundry corner into a magnificent laundry workshop!

Light Colors

Dark walls will naturally make a space feel smaller than it is, which can work against you. Choose a light paint tone in white, green, blue, or gray to help make the space look larger, and consider bright accents to lend some energy.

Roll-Out Storage and Shelving

Custom roll out cabinets with shelves and counter space can give you effective storage and working space without actually taking up any more room than you’re using already. It’s a low profile approach that really maximizes how much you can do in tight quarters and still get around without trouble.

Indoor Clothesline

Some things don’t belong in the dryer. When you need to just hang something for a while to air dry a retractable clothesline that strings across the space can give you the perfect solution without getting in the way.

Fold Out Racks

If a clothesline doesn’t strike you, you can still add low-profile drying surfaces with fold out drying racks that lay flat across the wall when not in use. These come in both metal and wood and are sturdy enough for heavy towels.

Stacked Appliances

Space saving washers and dryers often come stacked, which gives you more square footage on the ground at the expense of some vertical space. With some clever design and build-out work you can use this to your advantage, fitting in the appliances in a corner or building shelving beside them to make the most of the space you have.

Rolling Laundry Carts

Plastic baskets take up a lot of room and can wear down pretty fast with use. Rolling metal laundry carts, on the other hand, can fit into dedicated spaces in your cabinet or beside your washer and dryer unit to stay out of the way. They look great and make sorting and moving clothes easy!

Keep the Floor Bare

Rugs are great, just not in the laundry room. Apart from being a tripping hazard, keeping your floor completely open and unbroken will help give the space a much bigger feel, and it’ll also make sweeping and/or mopping up easier as needed.

Cabinet Walls

If you have a large empty wall along one side of the space it may make sense to fill it with cabinetry rather than set up a bureau or countertop. Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry makes very efficient use of vertical space and can give you a lot of much-needed storage.

Open Shelving

Alternatively, rather than building cabinets along the wall you could opt for open shelving. While you may need to dust these shelves once in a while they can give the space a good visual profile, provide even easier access to towels or linens, and you’ll save big on cabinet doors.

Farmhouse Sink

Bathroom-style sinks just don’t cut it in the laundry room. When you need to soak clothes with stain-fighting detergents or clean off a struggling puppy or child, you’ll need more room. Farmhouse or basin-style sinks are easy to install and can give you extra capacity and flexibility when needed.

Floating Shelves

If you’ve finished setting up most of the space but you have a spare wall or some empty room over top of a counter or your appliances, consider floating shelves. They’re infinitely useful and can hold decorative touches or at-hand items like laundry detergent or fabric softener sheets.

Utilitarian Décor

Small laundry rooms are tricky to decorate. Paintings or ornaments will quickly make the room feel cluttered or overloaded but you also don’t want to leave it completely empty. In this case, consider accessorizing with decorative baskets or caddies for a nice touch that’s also extremely convenient.

Hanging Plants

Assuming you have window access, one of the best ways to decorate any small space is with a little bit of green. Rope or hanging planters are very space efficient and in the right space they can absolutely lend a comfortable and charming touch to a hard working room.

Amber Valley, Grand Rapids Laundry Room Remodeling and Much More!

If you’re ready to convert your old, disappointing laundry space into a cozy and comfortable powerhouse, contact Amber Valley Construction. We’re an expert home remodeling and improvement team, fully licensed, insured, and ready to help you make the most of any space in your home!

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