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The 5 Best 2018 Home Improvements for Resale Value

Garage Door and Stone Veneer

Home improvement season is on the horizon, and with the housing market still very hot it may be important for homeowners who are considering selling to pick their projects with an eye towards what changes might contribute in resale value. According to the 2018 Cost vs. Value report by Remodeling Magazine, these five projects offer the greatest return on investment in the Grand Rapids region.

#1 Garage Door Replacement

A new 4-section garage door with lifetime warranty on heavy-duty galvanized steel tracks can add as much as 98.3% of the project’s cost to the home’s sale value. Garage doors are front and center and are one of the very first things potential buyers see when driving up, and a new door that increases the home’s energy efficiency with thermal seals, foam insulation, and insulated glass is a good selling point.

#2 Manufactured Stone Veneer

If your home siding needs a facelift, a few hundred feet of manufactured stone veneer along the base of the home give it a modern and very attractive change, netting homeowners up to 97.1% of the cost in increased home value. For this change the old vinyl siding from the bottom side of the street facing side is removed and replaced, including sills, corners, and other installation materials.

#3 Steel Entry Door Replacement

Another key part of your home’s first impression, an attractive and updated entry door is a great investment and can recoup up to 91.3% of the value even while improving the home’s energy efficiency with new seals and better insulation. Steel doors are the most cost efficient option, and should be paired with a new lockset, jambs, and threshold.

#4 Wood Deck Addition

A 16-by-20-foot pressure treated deck made supported by 4×4 posts anchored to concrete piers has an estimated cost of just over $10K and recoups up to 82.8% of its value. You’ll also get to enjoy lazy Sunday afternoons in the sun as the kids play in the back. All you need is a grill and you have the recipe for a perfect day.

#5 Minor Kitchen Remodel – Midrange Options

Perhaps minor is the wrong word. But if your kitchen is functional but outdated, a facelift covering the cabinet and drawer faces, appliances, countertops, sink, paint, and flooring can return up to 81.1% of its value and perhaps more in terms of offers and excitement at showings. A renovated kitchen can anchor an entire home, and it’s often one of the best projects to undertake to bring up a home’s impression without major structural work.

If you’re considering kitchen remodeling, deck work, door and window upgrades, exterior improvements, or other home projects, consider using Amber Valley Construction. We’re a local west Michigan company who truly, deeply love building our customers’ dreams. Contact us today for a free quote and have a great week!

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