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3 Big Options for Adding Living Space to your Home – The Second Story
September 4, 2019
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September 18, 2019

3 Big Options for Adding Living Space to your Home – Home Additions

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We saved the best for last! Home additions are a straightforward and sensible way to make a home bigger. When you can’t go up, find some space and go out.

But this simplicity is also the real trick with home additions. Unlike basement remodels, or even second story additions, home additions require foundation work fist, followed by structural work and then finishing work last. It’s a much more involved process than you might expect, and the whole addition process from construction to finishing needs to be planned and executed with care in order to make sure the new addition ties in and matches the rest of the home.

Making it Flow

One of the very first steps in planning a home addition is to evaluate the home’s existing style and scale, so that the new space can be planned to either work with the existing structure or improve certain shortcomings. This investigation will also influence material selection and the maximum size of the expansion in order to maintain the home’s exterior profile, without looking out of place or tacked-on.

Less is more

Home additions need to be extremely strategic and carefully planned out. Matching the style and flow of the existing home is important, but keep in mind that each extra square foot added comes at additional cost. And this includes ongoing costs such as heating, cooling, and taxes. You’ll also be effectively reducing the size of your yard with each foot you push out your new space.

Small Changes, Big Impact

But don’t let us discourage you! Done right a home addition can completely change your property for the better. Whether you’re adding an entirely new room, or adding a few strategic feet to your kitchen or another space, the change can completely transform the flow and feeling of your home, so you love and appreciate your property more and more.

Living Through your Remodel

Depending on the details of your project, much of the work will be contained behind the closed-up portion where the old wall meets the new living space. This makes home additions survivable without too much distraction—at least as far as home construction and remodeling go. Of course, we’ll work with you to try to reduce this disruption as much as realistically possible without getting off schedule.

Start Today!

If you’re interested in getting more out of your home, call Amber Valley. We offer design and contracting services for homeowners across West Michigan, and would love to use our skills and expertise to give you the space you need, added on to the home you already own.

Read parts ONE and TWO of this series, and have a great week!

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