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August 24, 2019
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September 4, 2019

3 Big Options for Adding Living Space to your Home – The Finished Basement

Home starting to feel a bit cramped, but you aren’t willing to pull up stakes and brave the housing market? There several ways to add comfortable, furnished living space to your existing home, but each one comes with a different set of pros and cons to consider.

We’ll look at them one at a time:

#1: Building Out Your Basement

Many if not most West Michigan homes have a certain amount of unfished basement space available that could, seemingly easily, be converted into a painted, carpeted, and decorated space for children to play or guests to hang their hats.

Because the structure is already in place, finishing an available basement area is by far the cheapest option on our list. But that doesn’t make it a necessarily inexpensive option, and not all basements should be finished because of one small issue:


Basements built before 1960 (and many built after) were never intended to be living spaces and generally aren’t built in such a way as to keep water out. The concrete slabs that make up the floor and walls in these home can, in different circumstances, allow humidity or even water in – which would rapidly damage or destroy carpeting and drywall.

If you’re interested in building out your basement you’ll first need a team to take a look at your properties and the construction of your home so that proper water-management systems can be added as needed in order to keep the basement area dry and safe for long-term habitation.

Lots of Options

Assuming that your basement is suitable or can be made suitable, what can it be designed and built to accomplish?

Almost anything!

Basements area great spaces for controlled chaos as childhood playrooms, beautiful guestroom suites, home theaters, exercise centers, bars, and so much more. Carpeting and light colors can easily make these underground spaces feel airy and cozy, a perfect place to house new family members or give growing kids some space to move.

Grand Rapids’ own Basement Remodel Professionals

If you’re interested in remodeling your unfinished Michigan basement, call Amber Valley. We offer design and contractor services for homeowners in West Michigan, and would love to use our skills and expertise to give you a finished basement paradise of your very own.

And check back soon for parts TWO and THREE of this home expansion series!

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