3 Big Options for Adding Living Space to your Home – The Finished Basement
August 31, 2019
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3 Big Options for Adding Living Space to your Home – Home Additions
September 10, 2019

3 Big Options for Adding Living Space to your Home – The Second Story

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The second option for adding living space for your home is to go… UP! Under the right conditions homes can be expanded by removing the roof and building an extra story on top of the existing housing structure. But there are quite a few conditions to consider, along with some serious advantages:


#1. The home’s existing foundation and overall structure need to be strong and stable enough to take the additional load that a second (or third) floor would demand.

#2. Space must be available for proper staircase access to the new floor.

#3. The updated design must clear all local regulations and codes.

It’s Still Your House!

If you love your house and have deep roots, selling and upsizing might just not be an option – no matter how much you need more room. Adding a new floor will give you extra square footage right where you are, no moving necessary.

It’s Easier than You Might Expect

Taking off a roof is a *relatively* straightforward process, as is the actual second story construction. Additionally, virtually all of the construction work is contained outside (or above) your main living areas to minimize the disruption to your daily life.

You Use your Current Foundation

The big problem with standard home additions is adding to the foundation. When building upwards (assuming the structure is good) the current foundation is untouched. This helps reduce the total cost significantly.

You Have So Many Options

Because you have the entire footprint of your home to work with, your new second or third story can be quite large and can accommodate a number of different rooms, or even open air outdoor walkways and platforms. Be creative and consider master suites, family libraries, or other cozy spaces as options.

Grand Rapids’ Home Addition Contractors

If you’re interested in getting more out of your home, call Amber Valley. We offer design and contracting services for homeowners in West Michigan, and would love to use our skills and expertise to give you the space you need in the home you already own.

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