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3 DIY Home Projects That Are Tougher Than You Expect

3 DIY Home Projects That Are Tougher Than You Expect

There are plenty of great DIY home projects that can assist you in enhancing your property’s functionality and sales value. You might have some ideas for what could work for your home, but that doesn’t mean everything is as easy as it looks.

There are three DIY home projects that sound easy to finish, but come packed with a punch. Hiring outside assistance to help complete the project may be the key to making these projects run well.

Installing a Hardwood Floor

The beauty of a new hardwood floor can add life to any room. A hardwood floor adds a warm tone and creates a smooth surface for your home.

(photo from Francesca Tosolini)

However, the DIY process of installing a hardwood floor yourself can be frustrating. Here are a few things to expect when taking on this project:

  • Finding the right wood material for your floor can be challenging. You must use the same material for the entire room. This means no cutting corners, literally! Measuring the room you plan to install them in is not always a perfect science depending on the shape and layout. 
  • All the wood pieces need to be installed well, but they must also be measured to fit appropriately. You cannot afford to allow any gaps in between spaces.
  • A subfloor has to go under the wood floor. The subfloor is necessary for supporting the new hardwood floor.
  • In order to hold the flooring in place, you’ll need supporting materials like nails and specialized glue to keep everything from shifting. 
  • To keep the subfloors from being exposed, you can add moulding along the sides of the walls. This adds a flush look to the hardwood while it rests against the walls. 


Painting theoretically sounds like one of the easiest DIY projects you could complete. The physical effort necessary to cover an entire room with a new paint color can be frustrating. If you do not have the right equipment and brushes, you may find yourself crouched over and stretching for the skies more than you would like. Here are a few points that you may run into while painting a room. 

  • Colors can appear different when you are selecting colors in the store versus actually painting the walls. Natural light, shape, and layout can all affect how a color appears in a room. A pro tip is to test out a few colors on the wall, see how it looks, and choose from there. 
  • Gauging the number of paint coats that a room needs is difficult if you aren’t used to painting. You might require two or three coats of paint to make it stick. Certain colors can appear slightly muted initially. 
  • You might forget to use a primer on your walls. Primer produces an adhesive space for your paint. It also prepares the walls and help them absorb the paint and colors more effectively.
  • A poorly-maintained paint roller or brush can struggle to apply the paint to your walls. Items like a putty knife can help smooth things over if the paint brush isn’t painting over smoothly. 

Installing a Deck

Adding a new deck for the front or back part of your property can be very appealing, especially during hot summer months. However, this feature comes with lots of preplanning and execution during the project. 

(photo from Elle Hughes)

Stability is a major factor when installing something large like a deck. Homeowners can sometimes forget to add enough support beams or other features to the bottom to keep the deck from shifting or collapsing. 

You could also design your deck without thinking about the things underneath the space. You might build a deck that will cover utility fixtures under your home or even a storage space. Again, you must preplan for this DIY project! 

It is also challenging to make a deck that looks unique. While you can be very creative over what you want out of your deck, you might have to spend extra time trying to produce a good layout. Usually projects that come with the word ‘unique’ also come with things like ‘customized material pieces’ and ‘custom one-off measurements’. It can become very involved. 

The Best Idea

DIY home projects can be challenging, but you don’t have to struggle for long. You can hire a professional home improvement teams or construction groups to assist you in your DIY projects. You can talk with a remodeling or building team to help you in designing your renovations. You’ll find the services of a professional to be more effective than what you might find out of your effort.

Alex Capozzolo is the owner of the Brotherly Love Real Estate blog and a content writer for the real estate industry. He is focused on helping people through one of the most important investment decisions of their lifetime by seamlessly providing fast, honest and professional real estate services.

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