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May 21, 2019
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June 6, 2019

5 Affordable Remodeling Touches for a High-End Vibe

Even if your home is mid-range or lower there are plenty of little touches you can add during an interior home remodeling project to lend your living space a delightful high-end luxury look and feel. Here are a few of our favorites.

Open Up your Space for Flow

Open layouts are here to stay. Done well, they can make any home feel bigger, cut down on clutter, and look more seamless and cohesive. When walls are removed—or partially removed—different living spaces like the entertainment room, kitchen, and dining area can blend together, which is great for family bonding, entertaining, and keeping tabs on small kids. Just be sure your heating system optimized for the change.

Dress Up your Multi-Purpose Spaces

Unused bedrooms, unfinished basements, or lonely storage spaces can become phenomenal, attractive hobby rooms with just a few basic improvements. A home bar or wine room, sewing room, home office, man cave, home theater… Generally all it takes is some finishing work, custom-built shelving or display cases, and the imagination to get it done.

Faux Finishes

There’s nothing like the high-end feeling you get from using expensive, naturally harvested materials like granite, marble, oak, or other hardwoods. But you can get astonishingly close using far less expensive materials. You can find porcelain that closely mimics stone or even wood, laminate ‘wood’ flooring, or cultured marble countertops—all at a steep discount compared to the ‘real’ alternatives.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Dated lighting fixtures are a dead giveaway and easily spoil the impact of otherwise well-designed spaces. Updating to LEDs and having your lighting professionally designed will save energy and give you better illumination and ambiance to show off the rest of your remodel.

Opt for New Doors

It’s strange how often doors are overlooked when it comes to home improvement projects. If your house is a few decades old your doors are probably beaten up, faded, low quality, and come with outdated hardware that won’t match any improved modern fixtures. It’s an easy improvement, and one that can change the entire look, feel, and flow of the home and the rooms within.

With a simple project you can transform your space into what feels like a million dollar mansion, and Amber Valley Construction of Grand Rapids, MI can help. Contact our team today to get your one-of-a-kind, custom remodeling project started. You won’t regret it!

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