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November 13, 2019
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November 27, 2019

5 Reasons to Finish your Basement

There is a certain charm to the unfinished Michigan basement. Exposed framing, bare drywall, concrete foundations, storage bins piled high… But is that really all that space can accomplish? When it comes to your home your unfinished basement is a huge opportunity ready and waiting.

So take the initiative, pick up the phone, and contact Amber Valley Construction of Grand Rapids, Michigan to have your basement finished so you too can take advantage of all the benefits that come from a finished, cozy basement space.

1. Finishing your Basement is the Easiest Home Addition Possible

Adding a home addition is a hard and complex work, while finishing a basement is comparatively simple. The structure is already in place after all, so it’s generally just finishing work.

This means you can add an extra bedroom, bathroom, bar, or even an entire apartment with a complete kitchenette if you so desire, without the high cost that any of these spaces would bring if you were adding them on from scratch.

2. A Finished Michigan Basement is Perfect for Large Items or Purpose-Built Rooms

Does your current layout include a YOU space? Somewhere where you can stash projects, put your feet up, or use exactly the way you want? It’s a basement after all, and the pressure to keep it clean or ready for company is totally off.

If you want to put in an exercise cycle or home gym, why not the basement? Or a home theater, project room, or pool table. They might not fit upstairs, but they’ll definitely fit downstairs.

3. Seasonal Savings

Michigan summers are always hot, but because basements are underground they can provide a cool retreat from the heat even with your AC off, saving you and your family money. The same goes for winter, as finished basements can be lovely and cozy in cold weather once you get them nicely warmed up with central heating or a wood stove.

4. Hospitality!

When you finish the downstairs don’t forget to add a guest bedroom, or possibly just space for a high quality air mattress. Now you have a great space to host visitors from out of town without putting you and your family in cramped conditions.

5. Finished Basements Have a Great Return on Investment

While it’s rare to get all your money back on a home improvement, home value still matters and remodeling work can pay off over time given how much more comfortable and functional your space will be before you sell. Finished basements in particular have a high return on investment, adding up to 70 or 75%  of the work cost to your home value, according to major national remodeling publications.

Not only this, but having a finished space can effectively make your home seem bigger and much more attractive to buyers in a competitive marketplace.

If you’re ready to convert your old, unfinished space into a cozy and comfortable den for you and your family to enjoy, contact Amber Valley Construction of Grand Rapids, MI. We’re an expert home remodeling and improvement team, fully licensed, insured, and ready to help you!

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