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5 Ways a Disappointing Kitchen Steals your Energy

We’ve all put up with some questionable living situations at one point or another. And as long as your kitchen works, it works—right? Sure it might be a bit dated, a bit awkward from time to time, and you would love to have one of those Pinterest perfect kitchens. But who has the time or energy to worry about that right now?

Unfortunately, living with an outdated or poorly designed kitchen may be impacting your energy more than you think (and we aren’t talking about your power or gas bill, though that may be higher if you aren’t rolling with modern energy star appliances). Bad kitchen designs are notorious for bringing down homeowners, draining mental energy, excitement, and joy on a daily basis.

Here are some signs to look out for.

You Can’t Cure the Clutter

You roll up your sleeves and get to work cleaning the kitchen, but even when you’re done you’ve got stuff EVERYWHERE. And we aren’t talking about a fruit basket. Maybe you’ve got a toaster oven, toaster, mixer, knife holder, coffee maker, extra drying racks, bill sorter, some pots or pans that don’t fit elsewhere, that one coffee cup that’s too tall for your shelves…

It goes on and on, and the more space that gets taken up by stuff (even good stuff) the less room there is to prepare food, to make dishes, to work on projects when you need to. Ultimately the issue isn’t your stuff or your counter space—it’s your lack of storage, or lack of convenient storage design.

You Can’t Get it Clean

Kids, pets, boiling spaghetti, grease marks and more, kitchens get dirty. But when your kitchen is dated you can run into a situation where no matter how many coats of white paint you put on your cabinets, they’re never going to look good. The dirt, grime, and paint chips add up and the closer you look the worse it gets.

IT’s one thing to have a messy kitchen because you haven’t gotten around to cleaning for a while. It’s another to have a messy kitchen because no matter how hard you clean, you just can’t make a dingy design better. So what’s the point of trying?

You Don’t Want to Cook

Of course you don’t want to cook! Your kitchen is uncomfortable and not much to look at either. And if you don’t like being in your kitchen, you’re not going to want to cook there, which means more takeout and fewer nutritious, healthy, and cheap home-cooked meals (and leftovers) for you and your family.

Ultimately, if your kitchen isn’t working for you it’s a health issue, not just one of home remodeling. So take a minute and think of all the issues, from bad appliances, to poor space-flow or storage design, to a simple lack of inspiration.

You Aren’t Hosting

Modern Americans are as connected as they’ve ever been, so why is loneliness such a pervasive experience?

While a new kitchen might not be a bulletproof solution, remodeling is a perfect answer to rebuild a space so it works perfectly for hosting large or small events. Instead of a dated, cramped, or dingy backroom space you could have an open-concept kitchen focal point for you, your friends, and your family to enjoy the next time a holiday or special event comes along.

Your Family Isn’t Coming Together        

The best part about the West Michigan kitchen isn’t that it’s a great place to linger around the cheese dip during a party, or that you can cook healthier meals and save money doing it, or even that you can post pretty pictures online after your remodel is finished.

The best part about the kitchen is that it’s where FAMILY happens. It’s where the kids do homework, dad works on his projects, mom writes out the family calendar, and where most of the casual and fun meals of the day occur. Family life circles the kitchen, but if it’s cramped or hidden away, or if you don’t have the storage you need, the kitchen isn’t going to be that happy where everyone fits and everyone belongs.

Ready to Get Your Energy Back?

Amber Valley Construction is an independent, family-owned West Michigan home remodeling contractor located right here in Grand Rapids. If you’re ready to solve your outdated or flat-out-bad home kitchen, call us today. We’ll talk you through the process with affordable pricing, great service, and the results you’re looking for—guaranteed.

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