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7 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Watch for In 2021

The decade is still young and that means new kitchen design trends to follow, and there are truly some exciting things that are happening in the industry. Ready to learn more? Here are our top seven kitchen remodeling trends to watch for in 2021!

Warm Tones

It’s good to finally move away from some of the minimalism of the 20-teens. This trends point to 2021 being a year that welcomes kitchens with warm browns, greys, and beiges rather than monochrome white or black. Warmer, more natural shades also work nicely with charcoal, copper, or champagne hardware, for those taking their kitchens in an entirely new direction

Natural Materials

The perfect companion for warmer tones, natural materials like hardwood and stone (or convincing man-made substitutes) are timeless and their continued popularity is no surprise. Homeowners are craving comfort and security, and natural materials help provide a sense of both without being loud or flashy.

Matte Finishes

We’ve written before how honed and leather countertop finishes are making inroads in popularity, and it’s true. These options pair very well with the warmer, cozier colors and materials that are on the rise. If you aren’t familiar, honed and leather finishes are both matte rather than glossy and have a soft sheen and subtle texture, which give your countertops a more natural and unusual visual and tactile profile.

You can get these finishes on a variety of both natural and man-made countertop materials—and did we mention they are great for hiding fingerprints!

Storage Cabinet Walls

We’re seeing more and more designs with cabinets extending all the way along the kitchen wall from the floor to the ceiling, which is a great solution with so many kitchens blending into open concept living spaces and many homes lacking a large, dedicated pantry space.

The storage wall concept is visually striking, space efficient, and modern. Consider smooth cabinet faces and low-profile pulls to complete the visuals.

Hidden Hardware

Low profile pulls or cut-out handles are showing up everywhere, replacing older highly prominent and visually distracting drawer and cabinet pulls, handles, and knobs. This results in a very clean overall design that can still be highly accessible with the right product selections.

Disguised Range Hoods

Exhaust hoods are an odd kitchen feature that can be either accentuated for an industrial, working-kitchen design, or hidden altogether. In 2020 and onward we’re seeing more of the latter as hoods are blended away and disguised by cabinets, tile, wood, or other materials that blend into your kitchen design.

Universal Design Features

We have longer pieces on Universal Design, but in short it’s a construction and design approach that seeks to make homes and other spaces inclusive and available to everyone, regardless of their physical ability level or any disabilities they might have (or might develop in the future).

This is a noble goal and one that’s hitting the mainstream more and more with each passing year. In terms of kitchen remodeling, Universal Design features generally include under-cabinet appliances, assessable light switches and cabinet handles, pull-out cabinet designs, and easy-access widened passages to make getting around easier for wheelchairs or walkers.

Processional Home Remodeling for West Michigan

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