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Cramped bathrooms can be a real drag. But there are successful decorative and bathroom remodeling strategies you can use to make any bathroom feel bigger while using the space you do have much more efficiently and much comfortably.

 1. Use a Pocket Door

Pocket doors are sometimes known as slide doors because, well, they slide. Depending on your design the door will either disappear into the wall or roll into a bracket placed along one side. This keeps the door nicely out of everyone’s way and eliminates the inconvenience of stepping around a door sweep in tight quarters. Pocket doors can also be very stylish and they come in a variety of materials and finishes.

 2. Install Recessed Cabinets

Cabinets built back into the wall, as opposed to free-standing cabinets or those built out into the bathroom, take up vital space and naturally make the room feel more closed in. Recessing your cabinets redeems that space, and if you omit cabinet faces they can actually increase the room’s feeling of openness and size.

 3. Full-Wall Mirrors

Expansive, wall-mounted mirrors are useful for dressing and they can also help trick the human mind into believing that a space is larger than it really is. Avoid oval mirrors with thick frames as these will contribute to the space feeling cramped and awkward.

 4. Use Light Colors

Dark colors and wall hangings will make the space feel darker and smaller. Whites and bright colors, especially large tile, will give the space a much cleaner and more open feeling.

5. Upgrade to Brighter or Natural Lighting

Upgrading to LEDs will help cast more light around the room, banishing any shadows and brightening up the corners. Natural lighting solutions (overhead or in the wall) are also great for opening up a space’s profile and eliminating claustrophobia.

 6. Go Monotone

Using the same color over as much of the room as possible, including the floor, walls, tile, and ceiling, will help blend the different surfaces into one another, causing you and your guests to perceive the room as more open than it really is. The effect is subtle but powerful and can change the entire way you feel about the space.

 7. Glass Shower Doors

If your bathroom is largely taken up by a tub or shower, consider upgrading to a shower with full length glass sides. The result is cleaner and more modern, and will also make the space look more open.

If you’re looking for an expert bathroom remodeler here in West Michigan, consider the home construction team at Amber Valley Construction. We have the experience and customer service you need to get the bathroom you want, on your schedule, and on your budget too. Call us today or request a quote using the tab above.

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