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8 Top Mistakes To Avoid When Remodeling a Bathroom

Even with the best intentions, bad remodels can happen—usually when the DIYer or remodeler doesn’t have the correct knowledge, cuts corners, chooses low quality materials, or doesn’t follow through. Fortunately, as long as we know about these most common bathroom remodeling errors ahead of time we can work to avoid them so your project turns out looking just as good as you imagined!

Mistake #1: Inadequate Ventilation

Building codes require vent fans in bathrooms that don’t have exterior windows, but the truth is that ANY modern bathroom with a shower or bathtub should have a high quality fan with a timer switch and exterior venting. This system will automatically help to purge moisture from the space every time you shower, so you avoid paint damage, mold growth, and other forms of water damage.

Mistake #2: Mismatching Hardware

Why go to the trouble of remodeling a space if the final result is jarring or uneven? Plan ahead and make sure that all your hardware finishes match, along with your wood and tile selections. This will give the space flow and consistency for the spa-like experience you deserve.

Mistake #3: Poor Layout

Bathrooms are generally small spaces and they don’t give you much space to experiment with, but DIYers can still run into trouble when it comes to sizing things out and lining up plumbing. Toilets are a classic example, as most require a full 12 inches from the wall to the toilet flange. Showers and bathtubs plumbing location are another common sticking point.

It sounds simple, but one of the main reasons to work with a trusted, professional bathroom remodeling company like Amber Valley is for the certainty that everything will fit where it’s supposed to. This way your bathroom will be easy to navigate, visually pleasing, and up to code without expensive and time-consuming adjustments partway through the project.

Mistake #4: Bad Lighting

Lighting design is key for bathroom spaces. Done poorly, bad lighting will make the space feel small and dank or stark and sterile, and either will make daily hygiene tasks more difficult due to shadows.

Done right, you’ll have adjustable lighting options for different tasks with fixtures that lend the room bright visibility for a clean and clear impression.

Mistake #5: Chasing Trends

As a rule bathrooms age poorly, and bathrooms with a strong era identity (think of obviously 80s or 90s era bathrooms—faded linoleum and blond oak everything come to mind) age even worse. And that will be as true for the 2020s as it was for any other decade.

So what’s the solution? Clean, neutral choices. In ten or even twenty years we’re confident that a simple off-white granite countertops and understated white tile work will still look great, and in the meantime you can always add color and personality through decorative items, towels, and floor mats.

Mistake #6: Using Low Quality Paint

Bathroom paint selection is critically important. Forget any and all “paint and primer in one” options and reach for a high-quality primer and moisture resistant paint to head off moisture infiltration and pealing before it happens.

Mistake #7: Failing to Anchor Towel or Grab Bars Correctly

Drywall plugs and anchors aren’t generally a permanent solution when it comes to high use objects like towel bars and grab bars, and if they pull free it can cause injury and/or an annoying degree of drywall damage.

Plan ahead and make sure that these objects and more are properly anchored into studs or wood blocking behind your drywall.

Mistake #8: Missing Square

Unfortunately, in the real world not every room is actually square, even if you expect it to be, and a few degrees of error can leave an entire row of tiles or a whole tub looking cock-eyed and awkward.

Measure twice, check everything ahead of time, and if necessary be prepared to adjust the framing around the space to keep things clean and in-line.

Expert Grand Rapids Bathroom Remodeling

Shop local! Amber Valley Construction is a West Michigan locally owned and operated small business with an outstanding track record for high quality craftsmanship and great value. If you’re considering working on your Grand Rapids or Wyoming Michigan bathroom, give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your options and put together the perfect plan for your needs.

There’s nothing we love better than giving you the at-home experience you deserve! Call today!

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