Design | Build | Remodel in Rockford, MI


Scared of hiring a contractor?

Confused about the remodeling process?

We bring peace of mind and clarity to remodeling so that you can move into your project with the confidence that you will LOVE your home.

We are here for you at every step:

• Conceptual Designs

• Architectural Plans

• Finish Selections

• Quality Craftsmanship

• Communication

• 5-Year Warranty


We serve and guide you through the whole process

Most Rockford homeowners who contact us know one or both of these things:

I. There is something about their home they don’t like or does not work for them they need or want improved
II. They are scared or confused about how remodeling should work, and they are looking for a clear process.

The process of remodeling is our craft just like remodeling itself is a craft. We have honed our craft to serve Rockford, MI homeowners the best way we know how through remodeling. Our process is very straightforward

1. Concepts – You will get to work with a professional designer to pull concepts together that will show you what can be done with your space
2. Plan – Before we start we will nail down every detail and work with you to get final pricing in place.
3. Build – With all of the details nailed down, you can have the confidence that every thing that you want can and will happen. We will give you what you expect.

You will receive dedicated project management, regular communication, and a whole team of professionals to help you through every step.

Our Services
Interior Remodeling (Including Kitchens, Baths, and Basements)
Whole House Remodeling
Exteriors (Including roofing, siding, and decks)
Accessibility (Universal Design, Aging in Place, and Barrier Free Home Modifications)
Interior and Architectural Design

You can love your home. We will help you get there

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