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Your Basement Doesn’t Need To Be An Afterthought.

Have It Professionally Finished or Remodeled With Amber Valley

With quality remodeling and basement finishing services from Amber Valley we can convert your basement spaces into warm, attractive, and comfortable living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and much more.

Whatever space you decide to add to your home, Amber Valley brings a wealth of construction knowledge, high-level design expertise, and West Michigan work-ethic to help you bring even the most imaginative basement remodeling concepts to life.

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Remodeling or building out an unfished, neglected basement space is one of the most affordable and impactful ways to expand your home’s living space and add significant value to the home as well. And these projects can offer a rare chance for you and your family to build the rooms that you’ve always wanted but never had, including:

Finishing a basement can be one of the most cost-effective ways to add usable square footage of living space to your home. Often, in an unfinished basement, much of that space is left cold and unusable. Who wants to go down there? If you do, make sure to put your slippers on!

By finishing that space, Amber Valley can turn that cold basement into a warm and inviting area that makes it the go-to hang-out area of your home. No more need for slippers. Feel warm, comfortable, and at home in a finished basement from Amber Valley!

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