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Chimney Flashing and Repair Professionals

Every year we get phone calls from customers who have a leak around their chimney.

Why is this the case?

The main reason is that typically, the chimney is the most technical portion of the roof.
Anyone can slap shingles down, but it takes a trained professional to properly flash a chimney in a way that will withstand the test of time and Michigan weather.

A properly flashed chimney will have the following components:

  1. Ice and Water underlayments
  2. Step Flashing
  3. Head Flashing (or a saddle)
  4. Apron Flashing
  5. Counter Flashing

If any one of these is missing or improperly installed, you will be subjected to leaks at or around your chimney.

Often, we see both the step flashing and counter flashing missing and buckets of tar slapped up against the chimney. “Just keep putting it on until you are sure it won’t leak”Tar on Chimney

This must be what they were thinking when they do that. There are a couple problems with this method:

Tar shrinks over time and will separate
Adhering the chimney to the shingles will cause a premature failure because the framing/shingles need to move independently from the masonry.
A properly install chimney flashing system will have step flashing that is attached to the roof deck and counter flashing that is independent and attached to the masonry chimney. This allows the two to move against each other while maintaining a water barrier.

Caulk is not the answer.
Often when we inspect roofs we see attempted repairs around chimneys where someone added gobs of goop in an attempt to stop a leak. Stop and go no further! Caulk is a Band-Aid and not a permanent solution. Although a properly installed chimney flashing system will consist of some joint and termination sealant (not tar!) it is placed in specific locations, mainly where the counter flashing meets the masonry. The metal is what flashes your chimney, not a tar that will shrink and split.

Chimney Flashing Example

At Amber Valley, we have trained professionals flash your chimney. We guarantee it won’t leak though our 5-year craftsmanship warranty. Rest easy and have peace of mind that Joe Blow roofer won’t be tackling the technical aspects of your roof. Give us a call today and let us serve you with a chimney flashing system that will last the life of your roof.


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