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Common Storms for Home Damage

Severe storms in Michigan are common over the course of the year, and they can be extremely dangerous and damaging to homes and businesses. Some of the most common storm damage scenarios we encounter are included below, but they all have something in common:

Your response.

If your home is damaged by a storm, whether a freak lightning strike, fallen branch, or tornado, you need to consider your safety and the safety of all other occupants first. Homes can be replaced, but people cannot.

Once the danger is passed, call the experts. The team at Amber Valley is here for you, ready to come in, contain the damage, and get the repair and restoration process started.

Winter Storms and Ice Storms

Winter storms can include heavy snow and ice damage as well as high winds and extremely cold temperatures. This can lead to roof collapse or damage to the home’s exterior, as well as ice dam formation and resulting water and mold infiltration into the attic or upper levels.

Winter storms are often especially hazardous due to the low temperatures and precipitation involved. Not only is ice slippery, but the outdoor conditions can lead to rapid heat loss inside the home, bursting pipes, and water damage.

Hail Storms

Hail is generally quite a bit less than two inches in diameter, but in some cases it can grow to be much bigger and much more destructive. If this is the case, seek shelter until the danger has passed and then head out and check for damage to your roof, siding, windows, vents, pipes, deck, and other exterior surfaces.

Lightning and Thunderstorm Damage

Lightning strikes come with the threat of fires and severe structural or electrical damage to any home impacted. Stay in shelter and make sure your fire alarms are kept in working order at all times. If you smell smoke or notice lights or other electronics burned out or damaged, contact us as soon as possible to evaluate what happened and what parts of the home have been affected.

Heavy Rain & Flooding

Heavy, sudden, or prolonged rain can lead to flooding in the home. Not only is this incredibly dangerous to all occupants, but water can result in horrible long-term health risks (due to mold growth) and extensive property damage.

If your home experiences water damage, fast response time is vital. Your materials need to be dried out and the water removed within hours to limit the damage and salvage everything possible.

Wind Storms

Wind storms can be extremely sudden and localized. In fact in 2019 in Jenison a microburst with winds exceeding 80 or 90 miles per hour stripped shingles from homes and tore trees out of the ground, while leaving neighboring streets and communities completely untouched.

Tornados likewise can strike with minimal warning, generating winds intense enough (300+ mph) to rip entire portions of your home or business apart.

Structural damage from high winds should be repaired in order to keep the structure safe and sealed against the elements. Fallen objects like trees or branches should be safely removed as soon as possible to avoid injury or further damage to your home.

Need emergency service in Grand Rapids, MI or the surrounding region? Contact Amber Valley today at (616) 965-1759!

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