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June 12, 2018
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Dealing with Home Damage from Fallen Trees in West Michigan

By 1880 the state of Michigan, once a land of almost endless forest and wilderness, was the source of as much lumber as the next three American states combined. This gives our state a special historic relationship with lumber and construction. But as the trees that were replanted through the 1900s reach old age they can cause serious damage to local homes when toppled by strong winds, ice storms, or root rot.

If your home has been damaged by a falling tree Amber Valley Construction can help. But first there are some steps that you, as the homeowner, need to take.

First, Get Everyone Out

When a tree collapses onto a home unexpectedly it can result in a number of secondary problems, and these may pose a serious and immediate threat to the health and safety of everyone nearby. Depending on the situation there may be power lines down, electrical damage, water damage, structural failure, falling debris, or more.

Everyone on the upper floors should move to the entrance and exit the home if it is safe to do so. If it isn’t safe (during a tornado, for instance) shelter in place in the safest available portion of the home – a cellar or basement, for instance.

Make the Calls

First call emergency services (911) if you suspect utility damage or if anyone is hurt or trapped.
You should also call Amber Valley Construction at 616-965-1759. As professional West Michigan roofing contractors, structural repair contractors, and home damage recovery specialists, we can be on-site quickly to evaluate the damage and to secure your home or remove the tree to prevent further damage from wind or water.

Your insurance company should also be on the list, as they will need to know the circumstances of the damage in order to begin the process for you to make your claim.

Stand Back

Our team are disaster specialists and have valuable experience helping West Michiganders after a home crisis.  If your roof or an exterior wall is breached it can lead to far more serious water damage spreading through the interior of your home. From Holland to Muskegon, Hudsonville, Grandville, Grand Rapids, and more we’ll be there fast to make sure this damage is limited with immediate tree removal service, tarping, and sealing while you and your family stay clear and safe.


Never attempt major tree removal or roof repair yourself! Call Amber Valley Construction and let the home damage experts deal with your situation as we work with your homeowners insurance company to get your home protected, repaired, and back to normal. Call us anytime at 616-965-1759.

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