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May 14, 2018
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Decks 101

Deck Grain

Are you looking forward to lazy Sunday afternoons grilling on the deck, overlooking the perfect back yard in suburban bliss? If so, it’s time to start planning now so you can get your project planned, scheduled, and executed in time to enjoy all the beautiful warm weather coming our way.

So where do you start?

Set your Budget

Without a budget you don’t have a real project. Write down how much you can spend and figure out what the deck you’re thinking of will cost. If you’re working with a contractor you can call for a quote, otherwise you’ll have to estimate the cost of materials yourself—as well as the time the project will take. This way you’ll have a clear idea of how realistic your project is and you won’t get fooled into adding features and racking up costs as you go.

Make the Plan

This is another point where an experienced decking contractor comes in handy. We’ll help you plan out your new deck with respect to your home, your property, and your budget. If you’re planning on DIYing the job you’ll want to be very, very detailed and figure out each beam and connection down to the inch—so you don’t get stuck with mistakes during the actual construction.

You’ll also need to settle on materials, with the main three options being wood, composite, and cellular PVC. Each has pros and cons, as well as differences in appearance and feel.

Get a Permit

Building a deck without a permit is a bad idea, and one that will come back to haunt you when it’s time to sell your home and you have an unlicensed, unapproved, and potentially unsafe addition hanging off your home. Fortunately, if you’re working with a contractor this step will be taken care of for you, no problem.

Build it Out

Decks aren’t the biggest home improvement project to undertake, but they still require some muscle and equipment. Be prepared for long hours of DIY labor, or for several days of deck carpenters working on-site to finish the project and clean up afterwards.


West Michigan winters may be brutal, but it’s hard to beat our warmer months for beauty and comfort. Call Amber Valley Construction today and sign us up to design and build you the summer sanctuary you deserve!

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