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Our Design Process:

We start with the big picture: What does your dream look like and what would something like that cost?

1. Design Site Visit

Here we measure the existing space so that we can create the necessary as-builts. These are the drawings of the space as it is currently. This foundation allows us to show what is and what could be. This will also lay the groundwork for the future demolition plan that will go into the construction drawings. At this time, we will also look into some of the technical aspects of the project. We will examine items like your electrical panel, HVAC systems and locations, plumbing drains, and supplies. We will also evaluate the structural layout of the home as well to see what will need to be modified, supported, or altered in order to accomplish the plan and design. These and other details will aid us in being able to produce accurate cost projecting. Any “estimate” that does not include drawings and this level of detail will only be a shot in the dark. Remember the old adage: You only get what you pay for.

2. Conceptual Designs

This is our initial design phase’s “What could it look like” aspect. You have a dream and somewhat of a vision, but let’s put that to paper to see what we can do with it in real life with real measurements. We work alongside your vision and goals as we take inspiration from your Pinterest board, or Houzz photos to create a space that is in line with your aesthetic and project budget. This won’t be some “great reveal” or anything like that. We will openly discuss the options that are practical, functional, and fit your budget.
Our designs include both floor plans and renderings of both the interior remodeled space and exteriors as they apply to your project. The floorplans will show you measurements, space planning, flow, and the big picture of how things will look. The 3D renderings will show you aesthetics and how it will actually feel to be in the remodeled space. We want you to be able to fully envision your project before you jump headlong into your project.
You will get what you pay for here! We will email you PDFs of the drawings and print out copies for your convenience. You will own the drawings so that, as we are fond of saying: you can make smart decisions relative to your budget.

3. Preliminary Cost Projection

The advantage of working with the Amber Valley team comes down to integrated design, which integrates costs and building knowledge. Often architects and designers can design a great space but don’t have the technical skill to create accurate costs around complex remodeling projects. Our preliminary cost projection provides you with this integrated design. It is a detailed preliminary cost analysis based on the drawings. With the drawings in place, we now have a good foundation on which to build this cost projection. We can now count how many square feet of flooring we need, how many 2x4s we will need, the number of doors or windows that will be required, etc. Whereas most often an estimate is either a wild or educated guess, we can really get close to what the final numbers will be. There will always be a discrepancy between the preliminary cost projection and final pricing, but we do our best to give you our best shake at what your real costs will be.

The Details are in the Design

Building a Project that is Uniquely You

One of the things that separate us from most contractors is the professional design experience that you get with an Amber Valley Remodel. Not only do you get a professional designer with your project, but you also get someone to help you through all the decisions so that you can be confident that the whole project will come together in a way that is uniquely you. That you uniquely love.

The Difference Maker is Integrated Design

At Amber Valley, Integrated design is a design that looks at the whole project and brings together necessary specialties to accomplish the goal. We take multiple factors into consideration during this process. The goal is that we produce an executable design and that you, our client, achieve an end product that fits like a tailored outfit.

Integrated design benefits residential remodeling by bringing together all aspects of the design process, including architecture, engineering, and construction, to create a cohesive and efficient plan. We take a look at the interdependencies and impacts of different design decisions to present our clients with a more holistic solution. Additionally, we use integrated design to help save you money. By collaborating with the respective trades on your projects, we can identify potential issues and solutions early in the process, and eliminate them before they become issues.

Here are a few examples of how we implement Integrated Design:

• If there is not one clear way to accomplish the design, we present our clients with multiple design options along with the pros and cons of each.
• There is often significant overlap between trades. For example, HVAC and Electrical. We get our trade partners communicating onsite at the same time so that each has the infrastructure needed to accomplish their aspect of the project.
• It would be very sad if, after a foundation wall was poured for an addition, it was realized that another six inches of space would have made the difference in how the furniture would fit. So, we offer space planning along with architectural services so that the whole plan comes together.

Designing Every Remodel or Renovation

No Two Projects Are The Same

One could take the exact same home and put two different families in it, both looking to remodel or update their home, and the end product would look very different. We know specific styles are different so even if both families wanted a kitchen remodel, each project would be different. But while one may be looking to update the kitchen, the other may be looking to add a master suite addition. This is the custom nature of remodeling. We approach your project with an open mind and combine that with our years of experience to bring you the solutions you need for your unique project.

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