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Four Reasons Why We Love Michigan

Since our founding Amber Valley construction has been proud to serve our friends and neighbors right here in friendly West Michigan, and why wouldn’t we! Michigan, and West Michigan especially, has a lot to offer.

Outrageously Beautiful Seasons

Sure, we find reasons to complain when it’s ridiculously hot or a polar vortex is spinning up, or if it’s been raining for three weeks straight and the flowers aren’t out yet. But all in all, Michigan has some of the best and most beautiful seasons you’ll find anywhere. Our trees change in the fall, we get snow (and lots of it!), the trees blossom in the warm spring air, and summers are green and full of fun for all ages.

It keeps things interesting, and it makes you appreciate each season’s beauty in its proper turn.

Fantastic Rivalries

Michigan and Michigan State. Michigan and Ohio State. Calvin and Hope… Michigan has plenty of outstanding rivalries that have gone back generations, seasoning our sporting experiences and giving us outstanding athletes to root for.

Thriving Grand Rapids

This year (2019) U.S. News & World Report once again published its rankings of the 125 Best Places to Live in the US, and Grand Rapids ranked number 13 overall! According to the article the area is a magnet for young adults and growing families thanks to a strong economy, affordable housing, and booming healthcare industry.

We couldn’t agree more!

Local Pride!

Here in Michigan our hands are our maps and you’ll see state pride everywhere. Shirts, car stickers, novelty shops and more all proclaim that Michigan, unsalted, is our home. It takes a special and good place to generate that kind of affection and pride, and here in Michigan we have it in spades.

About Amber Valley Construction:

Since 2012 Amber Valley Construction has been offering high quality and affordable residential roofing, building, and remodeling services in greater Grand Rapids, MI. We are here to serve, transforming homes and meeting the needs of our clients every single day. Contact us for bathroom and kitchen design and remodeling, restoration and recovery services, home remodeling, accessibility upgrades, and much more!

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