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Yup its Free!

If it is free, it probably isn’t worth very much.

Have you ever gotten something for free that was of high value? Although exceptions exist, it is generally not the rule. This is why we don’t provide “free estimates”. We do something better: We provide PRICES for our client’s projects as we work through the details of project development. At Amber Valley, we often receive calls from potential clients who are looking to make some sort of improvement or modification to their home. Many of these potential clients are looking for a “free estimate” so that they can see how much the project will cost. It is even perceived by most people that contractors provide free estimates for their work. You have probably even seen some people advertise such a practice. Most often, they do this because they hope to get the job. On the flip side, a contractor that is paid to prepare a detailed proposal is planning how to do the work for their client.

Now, in some sense, we will give you a “free estimate”. When we come onsite during our in-home consultation (View Our Process HERE) we will give you a ballpark of what your project may cost. We will evaluate your home and, based off our experience, we will tell you what we think your project may cost. For example, if you have a medium sized kitchen, and you are installing mid-range cabinets, solid surface countertops, and you will be moving some fixtures around, our experience tells us your project will cost somewhere between $30,000 and $40,000. You can view our kitchen pricing guide HERE.

After all, what do you really get with a “free estimate”?

Ok, this is going to get a little technical:

What is free? Free is something without cost.
What is an estimate? An estimate is a rough calculation.

So, really a “free estimate” is an approximate cost projection that you get without cost.

So, really a “free estimate” is an approximate cost projection that you get without cost.

Who, though, enters into any sort of construction or remodeling project with only an approximate cost projection? We would not!

Again, we do provide “free estimates” during our initial consultation; we will provide our potential clients with some cost projections based on their goals and level of finish.

However, after the initial consultation, we enter into a preliminary agreement with our client that enables us to work through the design, and cost-setting stages of their project.

Really, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. And because our initial consultation is free, you will have to take that for what it is worth as well. If, after the consultation, you are interested in moving forward on nailing down precise finishes and costs of your project, we charge a reasonable fee to work through the project planning stages.

Here at Amber Valley Construction, our goal is to provide our clients with accurate budgets, scopes, and details so that they can LOVE their home. You simply won’t get that experience through a free estimate.

Would you rather work with a contractor that worked with you to develop a detailed plan or base your decisions off of an approximate calculation?

There is a better way forward: Paying for a professional to prepare a detailed plan for your project. If you would like have a better remodeling experience on your path towards loving your home, click HERE to get started.

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