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Granite or Quartz – Which Belongs In Your Kitchen?

From concrete to butcher-block to soapstone to bamboo there are no shortage of interesting and visually striking materials available for kitchen countertops today. However, for many homeowners the style and weight of real, traditional options is impossible to pass up. But which material should you choose, granite or quartz? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?


Granite is solid, unyielding, and 100% all-natural stone that is cut to shape, polished, and installed in your kitchen—usually with a layer of protective sealant that should be refreshed regularly.

Quartz is different in that it is not 100 percent natural, as the material has a small amount of resin mixed in to the natural quartz mix and is therefore manufactured or engineered, rather than mined.


Granite comes in many different colors and patterns based on the piece you receive and the mineral composition of the stone the granite is taken from.  Each piece is unique with a specific character and timeless appearance.

Quartz replicates this impression, but because it is manufactured on-demand there is a great deal more uniformity and the material can be customized to a far greater degree. This gives homeowners more input as they pick the exact hue they prefer.


Granite resists heat and is one of the hardest naturally occurring compounds (second only to diamonds). But it can still be damaged by direct impacts (from a dropped skillet, for instance) and can stain if liquids are allowed to rest on it or if the material is not properly sealed each year.

Quartz isn’t porous and won’t stain, and is even harder and more durable than granite due to its manmade, resin-mix construction. Just be careful of excessive heat, which can still damage the material  if you aren’t careful


The simple fact is that quartz is easier to maintain, longer-lasting, and offers more colors and customization than granite. But it lacks the uniqueness and natural grace of granite which really stand out in a high-end kitchen. Unfortunately both options can be steep in the budget department—so look out for a good deal.


You should also remember that countertops, while important, are only one part of a cohesive kitchen remodel. If you’re looking to redo your kitchen and update to a more modern or luxurious design, make sure the project is done right and done on time by a local Western Michigan team with the vision, experience, and resume you need. Call Amber Valley Construction at (616) 965-1759 or email us at info@AmberValleyConstruction.com today!

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