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4 Home Design Trends for Spring of 2018

Home Office Design

Spring is coming and with it a new wave of homeowners looking to pull up stakes and sell, and many more looking to buy—some for the very first time. If you’re considering moving, renovating, or shopping around it may be worthwhile to consider some of the biggest trends in modern home design and consumer preference, as these in-demand features add a great deal to the comfort, livability, and fashion of West Michigan homes in 2018.

Modern Multi-Purpose Workspaces

For generations Americans have prized their basement workshops and upstairs sewing rooms, sacred spaces purpose-built for satisfying crafts and home work. Today is no different, except that the work homeowners are doing often involves technology and home offices fixtures. With features like built-in desks, soundproofing café appliances, and natural light solutions the right home office, game room, or workshop design can make your work-life balance that much more satisfying.

Upgraded Surfaces and Fixtures

New countertops and upgraded fixtures like knobs, handles, tile backsplashes, and faucets are relatively inexpensive, non-structural changes that nevertheless completely transform the visual impression of a space, giving kitchens or bathrooms surprising flare and class. The upgrades generally don’t take very long to finish and offer a lot of bang for the buck.

Vibrant Colors

Ultraviolet’, a bright purple, almost pink, has won Pantone’s color of the year for 2018, while a hot pepper red shade called ‘Caliente’ carried through for Benjamin Moore. Clearly colors and jewel tones are here to stay, brightening up rooms with strong contrast and points of strident visual interest—something to keep in mind while shopping for new paint colors.

Royal Laundry Rooms

It’s may seem like a surprising place to center energy and renovation dollars, but laundry rooms are currently a favorite for redesign and improvement. Homeowners spend a lot of time in the laundry room, and getting functionality and décor just right can take an otherwise dingy and utilitarian space and turn it into a major selling point or a functional advantage. Just think of all the time you and your loved ones spend on chores and how much better that time might be spent in a functional and beautiful space with all the counter and cabinet you could want.

Remember, if you’re looking to remodel or renovate your home you need contractors with experience and who can be trusted to give you a good deal, do high quality work, and stick by a fair price. At Amber Valley our team is local, reliable, and honest to a fault. Give us a call or request a home renovation quote today!

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