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The Complete Guide to Home Remodeling Emotions

Maybe you’re a weekend warrior with dozens of DIY home improvements under your belt. Or maybe power tools and paint brushes aren’t your forte. Either way, the home remodeling process lies far outside the typical day-to-day experience of the average homeowner, and getting through this period will involve some distinct emotional stages you should anticipate.

These emotions are generally the same whether you’re investing in a new kitchen, fixing a worn-out bathroom, building-out an unfinished basement, or adding an entire new home addition. In each case, that space is a part of your home, and homes are special. We invest a great deal in them, and the remodeling process necessarily involves disruption and intrusion in these sacred spaces—not to mention some serious financial decisions as well.

So if you’re ready to look ahead and prepare for what’s to come here’s our guide to what you should expect to feel during each stage of the Amber Valley Construction home remodeling process.

EXCITEMENT! The Concept Phase

Deciding to remodel is a big decision, but once you make that decision it’s thrilling. You’ll probably be pumped up, ready to scour the internet for ideas, pick out materials or colors, and imagine each detail of the final project. Your home is going to look better, feel better, and work better—and that’s a great prospect.

Back to Reality. The Contract Phase

Once it’s time to finalize the design many homeowners get a bit more of a taste of the work and cost involved in the remodeling process. While imagining is fun and exciting, digging into the details of the process can often throw a bit of water on that fire.

This stage can even invite feelings of uncertainty and worry. But if you feel this way, don’t worry and don’t panic! You’re probably moving ahead with this remodel for a good reason and fixing a part of your home that really needs a transformation. Plus our team will be doing everything we possibly can to make your project successful, meeting your needs and helping you fall deeper in love with the space that you call your own.


The day comes, you get a knock on the door, and we get to work. This stage is pretty thrilling, especially because demolition work goes fast. Walls, cabinets, fixtures, flooring, and other surfaces disappear with the proper application of force and your house comes alive with the sound of activity. Then the room that was bugging you for so long is suddenly stripped down and gone.

After we leave you’ll walk into the space and just look around at all the empty potential that’s waiting for you.

Discomfort. The Construction Phase

Unfortunately remodeling takes more than a day, and once the demo is finished the project keeps going on.

We understand that having contractors, strangers, in your home for any amount of time is a bit awkward and uncomfortable. Like we said, homes are special, and having the doors open and supplies coming in and out while drills are drilling and hammers are hammering is definitely intrusive.

We’ll do our best to work around your schedule and make your day to day experience as unbothered as possible, but remodeling is remodeling, and towards the end of the process you should definitely expect to be more than ready for it to all just end.

All you can do is keep the goal in mind and we’ll be finished as quick as we can!

JOY! Your Space is Ready

Once the room finally comes together and your remodel wraps up you should expect to feel relief and excitement once again! The cabinets are in and they look amazing. The granite you choose is perfect. The colors work, the floor is beautiful—and it’s all yours!

All you have to do is move your stuff back in, put up your decorations or ornaments, and enjoy.

And you did this. You made it happen. So call up your friends, schedule a party, and get ready for any excuse to show off. Remodeling has such a fantastic way of changing the way you feel about your entire home, not just the space that was improved, and it’s great to share that high with those you love and trust.

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re ready to undertake your own home remodeling journey here in Grand Rapids Michigan, call Amber Valley Construction today. Were a local, independent home construction team and we love transforming outdated or uncomfortable spaces and converting them into beautiful, functional showpiece spaces for homeowners to enjoy.

From our initial design consultation to final delivery and beyond, Amber Valley Construction has you covered!

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