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Choosing Your Exterior Home Siding Material

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Whether building a new home or updating an old, many varieties of home siding are available with countless styles and patterns of each to choose from. Knowing what advantages and disadvantages come with each can help you make an informed decision as you narrow down your options and, hopefully, settle on a material that strikes the right balance of style, durability, and cost.

Wood Siding

Wood panels have CHARACTER. They are a natural and rustic choice for home siding, and can be finished, painted, or left natural according to your preference. Wood has a remarkable, rich aesthetic value with endless stains and paint options available, but will need to be cared for regularly as natural weathering from UV rays and moisture will leave its mark. This is especially true here in Michigan, where our dramatic seasons put home materials to the test. Engineered wood siding reduces this wear and tear, but may be somewhat less natural looking.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl has the advantage of being very affordable and resistant to warping, twisting, water, sunlight, and insect activity. A wide range of colors and style options are available to choose from, including some options that look more or less like wood or other materials. However, while being extremely easy to install and maintain, some homeowners are turned away by the cookie-cutter or boring “plastic look” that many vinyl styles convey.

Cedar Shake Siding

Shake siding gives your home texture and the comforting aesthetic of wood siding without so much of the maintenance. Cedar wood in particular is naturally durable and resistant to decay caused by water and insects outdoors. Cedar is renewable and environmentally friendly, and can be treated with oil or stains to give different color options and visuals. However, it is more expensive and will still need to be refinished once every several years.

Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding is relatively new, only appearing in the past thirty years or so and making a big impact on homes ever since. The siding is made from a combination of Portland cement, ash, and wood pulp and gives the home an exterior that is as durable as masonry (and just as water, sun, and insect-proof) but which looks like wood or other materials. It also stands up to cold and hot temperatures over time, which is perfect here in Michigan. Just be aware that installation can be particularly difficult, and should be left to the pros.

Aluminum Siding

Waterproof and durable, aluminum siding is a good choice for West Michigan in terms of performance and cost. It even has good insulation properties, keeping in more heat than vinyl siding and helping to cut costs during the summer and winter months. It won’t rust, won’t turn brittle with cold, has a very long lifespan, and is 100% recyclable when it is replaced. However, not everyone likes how it looks up close, even with a wide variety of colors and patterns available.


If you’re considering home siding options in West Michigan, Amber Valley Construction would be glad to help however we can! We’ll give you all your options, backed by guaranteed high quality craftsmanship to create a home you’ll love coming back to day after day. So call us now for a free quote and let us show you the difference the right contractor makes!

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