Tired of your old and outdated kitchen, but not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge and start a remodel? We get it. Remodeling can be a tough process, and it can be hard to know how to get started or how to come up with a concept (let alone a design) that you’ll love. 

But there are also plenty of outstanding reasons why a kitchen update or top-to-bottom kitchen remodel is worth the trouble.  

The truth is, the kitchen is the beating heart of the American home. And the way a GREAT kitchen feels, looks, performs, and adds value (personal, emotional, & financial) is going to be worth the investment. So, when you’re ready to bring your West Michigan kitchen into the present day with the help of a trustworthy contractor, here’s what you should expect: 

Step 1:Pre-Planning 

Before you remodel you need to define both your goals and your budget. 

Of course, whatever you write down doesn’t have to be hard and fast, but it’s extremely helpful to clearly define what you want to achieve before you take any other steps. Do you want to update the style, layout, appliances, cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, or plumbing? What is the upper limit you are willing to spend? What are your priorities and preferences if you can’t have everything?  

Thinking through these questions and coming up with firm answers can be very helpful for shaping the process later on.  

Step 2. Picking Your Contractor 

Most homeowners aren’t going to be up to the challenge of remodeling an entire kitchen on their own with professional-quality results. And that’s ok!  

By working with a licensed, insured, and experienced contractor you can get your project done faster, with better results, and with the experience to head off major issues before they happen. Just be sure to review your candidates beforehand, get estimates, check reviews and ratings, and figure out their availability.  

Step 3. Design Work 

Once your contractor is onboard, you’ll work with them to design the new space and plan out the remodel itself.  

This generally involves a lot of choices regarding materials, colors, styles, fixtures, and features which will each have different pros and cons in terms of durability, maintenance, cost, energy efficiency, and even resale value. Some back and forth is to be expected. 

Other points to consider in this stage include the project timeline, permits, inspections, and warranties. 

Step 4. Prepping 

After the plans are finalized and your contract is signed, it will soon be time to prepare for the remodel itself. And this can be more challenging than you might expect, as you will need to: 

  • Pack up and store all belongings and foodstuffs in the kitchen 
  • Set up a temporary kitchen space elsewhere in the home (usually a sink, microwave, fridge or mini-fridge, and some easy-prep foods) 
  • Let your neighbors know that work will be going on and how long it’s expected to run 
  • Set up a route for workers to get in and out of the home cleanly 
  • Make space on the driveway for the crew, their equipment, and a dumpster 

It’s no wonder so many homeowners opt to move out temporarily while the work is going on, staying with relatives, in a hotel, or timing the project to happen during a vacation. 

Step 5/6. Demolition/Installation 

The exact steps and timeline for these stage can differ from project to project. And if you were DIYing the job, you’d have to know about each and every one. But, fortunately, you are working with a home contractor which means that your job is mostly to get out of the way and let the experts do what we do best. 

Of course, living through demolition and having strangers inside your home can be a challenging situation. And, unfortunately, remodeling timelines are often flexible and delays related to materials and subcontractors are often simply unavoidable. 

This is why a good contactor will provide regular communication and updates as the process continues. And, once things get rolling, it can be very exciting to see all the pieces and parts start to fall into place.  

Step7: Enjoy Your Space! 

After installation, finishing, and painting are done, the mess is cleaned, and the contracts and inspections are wrapped up, it will be time for you to move your stuff back into your new space and simply enjoy a kitchen that was made for you.  

So, celebrate! Invite your friends and family over, cook your favorite food, and make some memories! You’ve earned it.  

 Amber Valley Construction Is Ready To Serve You 

We are a local, family-owned West Michigan home contracting business offering fair prices for expert home remodeling in Grand Rapids and all its surrounding communities.  

Please call our team today if you’re ready to finally make your dream kitchen a reality, or if you want to update an unfinished basement, replace an out-of-date bathroom, develop the perfect home office, add-on a deck for summertime fun, or improve your home in some other way.  

You deserve to love your space, and we are ready and excited to help make your next project a great one!