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After The “Why” Comes The “How”

Here is the “HOW”, or the Process of Amber Valley.

One Goal: You Love Your Home


There is a reason Clarity is our first how. We’ve all heard the horror stories. Friend and neighbors need work done at home, but their chosen contractor buries important details, changes the scope of the project again and again, and bills more than was agreed upon. The entire process is high pressure, poorly communicated, and leaves homeowners dissatisfied. At the end of the day, anyone can hammer a nail or put a shingle on a roof. We do these things, but our focus is more on the how than on the what.

This is bad business and at Amber Valley, it’s not how we operate. We’re a locally owned and operated West Michigan company and we work for YOU, putting your interests first and going above and beyond to provide clarity and honesty at every stage of the work. From planning all the way up to the final invoice you’ll know what’s going on and exactly what you should expect.

No tricks, no gimmicks, no fine print. Just the work you need, on schedule, for the quoted price. When you request a quote for your project, you will not get pushy sales.


In West Michigan, we cherish our homes. They’re the nest eggs we work so hard to own, the setting for our children’s first memories, and the sanctuaries where we choose to build our lives. Our homes are precious, and should always be treated with care and respect. We go above and beyond to create containment, put down flooring protectors, we cover your landscaping when we are re-roofing your house, whatever we have to do to ensure that your home is protected. We take special care when we are performing restoration services. You don’t want us there to begin with. When that pipe bursts or your kitchen catches on fire, we don’t want there to be additional damage or mess because we didn’t care for you.

Sometimes the worst customer/contractor problems don’t crop up because a contractor is trying to exploit their customer. Instead, these problems are just the result of carelessness, poor communication, and simple mistakes.

That’s why our team works so hard at customer service and quality assurance. We make sure that we nail each and every detail of your project, leaving both the visible and hidden areas of your home in the best possible condition and treating your property as if it was our own.


Poor communication breaks down trust and breeds frustration. This is accentuated by the fact that what we do is disruptive to you home. Very few other services impact your life like a remodeling project. We feel that pressure, and so we know that communication is that much more essential. When you deal with the Amber Valley team you’ll get honest and timely back and forth so you know exactly when we’ll be coming, what you should expect, what the outlook is, and what you have to do. If you ever have questions or concerns, we’re only a phone call or email away. Better yet, we have an online system that allows you to log in and view every aspect of your project. No more he said-she said, no more misplaced text messages or emails. All of our communication is right in front of you and ready to go.

And our focus on clear communication goes double when it comes to remodeling or design work. After all, when it comes to reinventing your home you’re the only one who knows exactly what you want!

So give our team a chance to dive into your imagination, getting a feel for what problems you are trying to solve, what style you’re most interested in, and what your deepest concerns are so that we can produce a final result that will blow you away.


Unfortunately, any home construction, repair, or remodeling is disruptive. But with proactive scheduling and clear communication we make sure that the impact to your daily life is minimized. We’ll let you know what days and times our team is working, when you should be home, and when you can expect us to finish the work. We want you to know how to plan. We want you to live your life in as much normalcy as possible even though the very nature of what we are doing is disruptive. This is what makes scheduling so important. In order for us to truly deliver Client-Driven Solutions as part of our how, we have to prioritize our scheduling.

This means you’ll face less stress during the project, with no mysterious comings and goings, missed appointments, or forgotten deadlines. Just an experienced local team working to solve your problems on your schedule.


Quality matters. Long after the invoices are cleared and the sawdust swept away, your home has to keep working—holding up to the abuse of the seasons, pets, children, and more.

Our team is deeply committed to the highest possible standards of construction and workmanship. Whether we’re repairing your roof to keep moisture out and heat in, installing fresh doors or windows, or remodeling your kitchen, our approach is the same:

Use quality materials – Build it right – Never cut corners.

It’s a difference you’ll see play out over months and years to come—guaranteed.


We’re here to work for you, not the other way around. While many contractors leave sawdust, screws, and trash behind we take great pride in delivering a finished, clean workspace that’s ready for you to use right away once the work is finished. Not only is this good business and good customer service, but it’s safer too.

No one wants glue spills, nails, or broken glass on their floors or in their carpet. By treating your home as if it were our own and working to leave your property in better shape than we found it, we make sure that you and pets, children, and guests are safe and protected, guaranteed.

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