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How We Handle Fire Damage Restoration in 5 Steps

Even a minor West Michigan house fire can result in severe physical, financial, and mental difficulties for homeowners that linger long after the flames have died away. Knowing who to turn to and how to even begin to approach the fire cleanup and restoration process can go a long way towards restoring peace of mind and getting a handle on a severely challenging situation.

So, if you’ve suffered a fire in your home or business, CALL US RIGHT AWAY! Amber Valley Construction is ready to respond and to act as your advocate and guide throughout what can, unfortunately, be an arduous and confusing process.

Step 1. First Response and Inspection

First we need to know what we’re dealing with by physically investigating the damage and evaluating its extent. Even a small, contained fire can result in a much wider circle of water damage (used to douse the fire) or pervasive smoke damage, so it’s important to fully identify what’s been affected and lay out the most important first steps.

Step 2. Tarping and Board Up

Depending on the situation, open or damaged portions of the home may need to be boarded up or tarped over to prevent further damage from stormy or snowy weather or invasion by animals or thieves later on in the process.

Step 3. Water Damage Cleanup

If water was used to put out the fire, the team will set up fans and pumping units as necessary to rapidly dry out the affected areas and prevent the spread of mold and mildew, which can pose a serious health hazard and a detriment to the overall safety and structure of your home.

Step 4. Smoke and Soot Removal

Next, smoke and soot need to be removed from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces, or the affected materials need to be removed and replaced. Different equipment and cleaning compounds may be used, with the ultimate objective to restore any salvageable surfaces to their former condition while also removing smoke odor and remaining particles as completely as possible.

Step 5. Final Restoration and Remediation

Restoration includes any needed repairs to the home’s structure, systems like plumbing or electrical, and even cosmetic repairs including paint and carpeting. Each situation is different, but in the end we’ll restore your home to a safe, habitable condition while removing all evidence of the accident, so you can once again get on with enjoying your home and your life.

Getting on with your routine after a house or business fire is a rough process. Make sure you have the right West Michigan response team on your side. Call Amber Valley Construction right away!

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