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Your Kitchen Remodel Decision Checklist

Home buyers and homeowners both want a great kitchen, and remodeling yours is a great way to add significant value to your home while making it more usable, beautiful, and accessible than ever before. But if you’ve decided on a major kitchen remodeling project there are a few decisions you should consider ahead of time, including:


Your main options for modern kitchen countertops are laminate, quartz, and granite.

  • Granite: A unique stone material that looks outstanding but requires routine sealing to keep out discoloring liquids. The most expensive option.
  • Quartz: A man-made material that comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, often mimicking granite. Stronger and better sealed, and generally less expensive as well.
  • Laminate: An inexpensive and traditional option that can be installed quickly and cheaply, but lacks the flair and heft of the heavier options (though modern improvements have brought laminate a long way!). Prone to scuffing and wear from routine use.

Cabinets are often the most expensive part of the remodel, and play a huge role in your kitchen’s visual impact and utility.

  • Refinished: If the existing cabinetry is in good structural condition it can be sanded down and refinished or painted to match your new décor. This is a relatively inexpensive option that can still look great.
  • Re-Faced: Likewise, if the cabinets themselves are in good condition but have been dressed with outdated or damaged faces, it is possible to have new cabinet doors prepared without removing or replacing the existing cabinetry as a whole. Consider hardwood, laminate, or glass doors as well as updated hinges.
  • New: New kitchen cabinets will update the look and feel of your space. If you are replacing yours entirely it may be beneficial to adjust the layout, height, or placement of the cabinets to improve your kitchen’s flow.
Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands offer space for casual seating, food preparation, hobby projects, and countless other daily tasks. If yours is outdated or too small, or your kitchen is missing a kitchen island altogether, consider adding one that matches the rest of your renovated space. Then consider what your island will look like and include.

Will your kitchen island have cupboard space? Stools tucked underneath for seating? Built in appliances? Your contractor can help with ideas if you’re not sure.


Modern lighting is important to consider as well. There are countless options available, including power-saving LED solutions that are brighter and offer a better spectrum of light. Consider other options like under-cabinet lighting, overhead lighting, or motion-sensitive lighting for pantries or shadowed cupboards.

Fixtures and Appliances

Matching your sink, stove, microwave, and refrigerator generates a cohesive visual flow across the entire kitchen space. It will look and feel so good, and is definitely worth the effort.

When selecting appliances and fixtures, remember that quality matters. These are devices that will be used multiple times a day for years, hopefully decades to come. It’s worthwhile to invest in units that will hold up to this wear and tear and look good while doing so.


Tiny, closed-off kitchens can often be dramatically improved by reducing or removing a current wall or rearranging other structural details to improve the space’s flow, reduce the distance between the sink, refrigerator, and stove (the WORK triangle), and open it up to the rest of the home.

Note that structural changes can be extremely involved and may not always be feasible or affordable, depending on your home’s layout and utility lines.

  • Ceramic Tile: Ceramic tile is extremely water resistant, durable, and comes in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and patterns. While the installation is difficult (and it can be cold on bare feet in the morning), tile can be a remarkable and striking addition to any home!
  • Hardwood: Natural and beautiful, hardwood is highly sought after by many home shoppers. Keep in mind that hardwood can be vulnerable to water damage and UV fading, and should be taken care of—including eventual refinishing if necessary.
  • Laminate: Laminate flooring mimics hardwood but is cheaper, tougher, and easier to install. A good solution for most homeowners who like the look of real wood without the cost or maintenance.

Tile options, paint color, backsplash, and more should be considered, along with any decorations you might be planning on adding as well. Wall color or tile pattern in particular plays a huge role in setting the tone of your kitchen and generating the space’s atmosphere.

Your Remodeling Contractors

Kitchen renovations are a major step, but that doesn’t mean you should have to empty out your bank account to get it done. Our team can come up with kitchen renovation ideas to give you major improvements in style, value, and usability without breaking the bank. We work hard on every single project to make sure that you, our customer, are completely 100% satisfied.

Call Amber Valley Construction today or use the tab above to request a personalized quote for your kitchen remodeling costs. We look forward to working with you and making your new year, in your new kitchen, the best it can be!

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