Mold Damage Restoration


There are thousands of different types of mold in the world and the spores they spread pose unique health risks to you and your family members. Even if you can’t see mold growth in your home you might be feeling its effects even now. Fatigue, itchy skin, chronic coughing or lung irritation… any of these can be a sign of hidden danger.

At Amber Valley we are passionate about providing our customers with a safe and healthy place to call home, which is why we offer Mold Testing, Mold Removal, and Mold Damage Repair services to identify, sterilize, and completely remove home infestations so you can breathe easy again. Our team members are IICRC certified to deal with mold remediation projects in West Michigan so you know your situation will be handled safely and completely.

Remember, it’s not enough to just kill the mold or replace the drywall. Even if the mold is dead there may still be spores in your home triggering allergies and causing symptoms, and conditions may still be right for the mold to reoccur. The spores must be fully purged and the root cause of the mold growth dealt with to ensure your air is fully restored to a healthy condition.

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