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December 13, 2019
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December 23, 2019

Need a Fresh Coat? 2019’s Paint Colors of the Year!

A good coat of paint does more than just lend your room some color and atmosphere, it changes the way you feel and the way you look at the world. If you’re a homeowner thinking about making a change and giving your room a different look as part of a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you may want to consider one of the following 12 colors selected by Valspar as the 2019 COLORS OF THE YEAR! (Just remember that the colors displayed may vary slightly from monitor to monitor).

#1 Healing Airy Blue

This airy blue conjures up a feeling of weightlessness to help you breathe easy and filter out the emotional stress we all deal with on a daily basis. A minimalist color that works very well with sparse, carefully chosen décor.

#2 Soft Rosy Mauve

A neutral tone that encourages thoughtfulness and meditative spiritualty, this warm hue excels in a variety of lighting conditions—especially the soft, comforting glow of evening candlelight.

#3 Chalky Sea Green

My personal favorite out of the group, this off-green conjures up a feeling of calm, balance, and reassurance. Sometimes we need a calming space rest and grow. Chalky Sea Green works well with a single neutral accent color or a collection of similar tones.

#4 Blonde Wood Yellow

Yellows can be tricky but this one does a remarkable job at warming up a room thanks to its soft, natural visuals and delightful coordination with rustic wood furniture or minimalist décor.

#5 Active Lime Green

Energy! This is a fearless, electric choice that’s perfect as an accent wall or color zone in a high activity portion of the home. Coordinate with lighter colors, or pair with black fixtures for striking visual contrast.

#6 Pale Natural Olive

I love natural colors and this one is an excellent chioce for a modern home, playing with a warm but not overpowering shade that works well with wooden elements and white accents. Absolutely serene!

#7 Deep Mystical Purple

Mystical is right! This purple is immersive and extremely attention grabbing. Make sure to consider your lighting (that you have enough) and coordinate with whites and golds to lighten things up. Pure royalty.

#8 Expressive Fringe Orange

A zesty, playful pastel that invites excitement and exploration, Expressive fringe Orange works well as an accent color choice and pairs extremely well with parchment, mint greens, and neutral grays.

#9 Calm Hazy Blue

Like a calm, unhurried rainy day this gray-blue (with a touch of purple) color has a feel of healing and is perfect for use with natural lighting and simple, tone-on-tone or monochromatic décor.

#10 Joyful Bright Marigold

Vibrant and cheerful this yellow craves a good pairing with pastels and warm whites, and was absolutely made for happy laundry rooms and spa-like bathrooms.

#11 Crisp Illuminated Violet

This warm, clean violet looks great on its own and even better when illuminated by hidden light sources. Consider playing with darker accent shades to bring out the color for a smooth, trendy effect.

#12 Honest Primary Blue

True blue, is it right for you? The last option on our list is bold and robust and plays very well with a variety of light sources, taking on different hues and colors and providing an outstanding level of visual interest across a space. Consider it for secondary spaces like bathrooms or offices, or pair with silver or dark metal finishes and natural wood surfaces.

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