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Our Process

This is How we Work

When you reach out to us regarding a project like a kitchen remodel, an addition, or any number of home improvement projects, we have a process to make sure we take care of you from start to finish.

We have developed and refined our process to make sure our customers receive the best experience possible during their project. Consider yourself lucky: You are the beneficiary of years of trial and error. All this work has produced our process. Take a look at how we take care of our clients from start to finish:

1. Concepts

Project Discovery

What can be done? What would it look like? Is this even possible? Will it fit into our budget?
These are all great questions. The good news is that we have walked this road with many clients. We have probably seen projects like yours. And just like we helped them love their home, we will walk that path with you as we work together to conceptualize what your project could look like.

Conceptual Designs

Like test driving a car before you make the purchase, we want you to be able to “test drive” your remodel. So, we will prepare conceptual designs – both floor plans and 3D renderings – of your project so you can see exactly what your project can look like before you start down the path of major investment. To get these concepts done for you, we only charge 1% of the project budget. Then, if you end up building with us though, we roll ALL of your design costs back into your project. When you work with Amber Valley, all design work is done at no additional charge!

Preliminary Cost Projection

Armed with conceptual designs and your input regarding the level of finish you are looking for, we will also provide you with a preliminary cost project to go with your conceptual designs. This is still an estimate based on the renderings along with some finish recommendations. This is to help inform you of the potential costs that would accompany the project as designed. From there, you can make an educated decision on how or if to proceed with moving forward on your project.


2. Plan

Construction Drawings

If you like the concepts and the Preliminary Cost Projection works with your budget, we start doing a few things at once. One of those things is to get a specific floor plan nailed down. We will spend the time with you to make the necessary tweaks and adjustments to the conceptual drawings to get a firmed up set of plans and renderings. This gives us a firm foundation from which to start getting pricing and selections firmed up.

Plans, Selections, & Specifications

We believe this part, right here, is what sets us apart.

Down to every possible detail, we map out and define your entire project on paper.

Before you buy the car, we show you every option and how it works.

The proposed scope of work takes into account the drawings and your input to establish the extent and parameters of the work to be performed. You will get both finishes and fixture selections. These are the specifications for Plumbing and Electrical fixtures, Hardware, Tile, Countertops, Flooring, etc. All of these get compiled to give the detail necessary to compile pricing for the project that is in accordance with your desires. So that you can evaluate acceptability of the design and scope relative to budget, and whether and how to proceed toward construction, we provide you with a detailed budget based on the defined scope of work and the selected fixtures/finishes.

Details. Details. Details. The success of your project is in the details. Depending on the size of your project, there may be literally hundreds of decisions that go in to the selections and specifications. Every one of these needs to be right. You don’t want us to guess what you want for that fixture. We don’t want to guess what you want for that fixture. We want to plan it together so that we are both on the same page. Drawings. Yes. We need them. You need them. The township needs them. Good news: We have you covered here too.

Cost Analysis & Proposal

Big Picture: The details set the price. Will you be spending $2,000 or $20,000 on countertops? Both are options. So, once we have all of those details nailed down, we are able to provide you with the price for your project. This, again, sets us apart from most other contractors. Most contractors provide estimates for their jobs. We provide prices. There is a big difference. We do it this way for you. We want you to receive what you expect. Not what we think you expect. We what you to know exactly what your project will entail.

3. Build


Once Phase 2 is complete, we are ready to move to the build stage. At this point, your entire project is “built” on paper. Every detail necessary to complete your project is in place. Now, pull the trigger! Project deposits are due here, and then we start pulling permits, and begin the initial scheduling phases. That preliminary schedule that we provided you now goes into effect, and we are ready to get the ball rolling.

Dedicated Project Management

What if you had one contact, one person to go to with any question for the entire project? What if you had someone who was a professional and who really knew where your project was at and what was going on? Wait, you do! At Amber Valley, we care about your experience during your project, so we have dedicated project managers to make sure you are taken care of all the way through the entire build phase of your project.


Now it is done. There is no grand reveal like on those HGTV shows, but it is still a ton of fun. We provide you with all your warranty information, paint colors, and summary of materials used so that you have all the paperwork and records you need for any warranty requests or for your own information.

It Is All Going Here: Love


The question here is “Will you take care of me after I write the final check?” Absolutely. We will take care of you. We hold ourselves and our trade parterres to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) standards for both warranty and quality. You can view that document HERE

Peace of Mind

After you move into your new Kitchen, Bathroom, Addition, or other project, there may be things that come up, but no worries here. You have entrusted us with your home and your savings, you can continue to trust that we will do the right thing and will take care of you though the warranty period and beyond. There is nothing that can come up that we won’t stand along side you and help you though. We will be there for your peace of mind.

LOVE Your Home

We did it! Now you can love your home! After all, that is why you started this process in the first place. We have worked hard for your through this entire process so that we can get you to this point. So, now enjoy it! Take that long soak in you new tub, Invite guests over into your new space, or prepare that meal for your family in your new kitchen. You, a happy customer, is why we exist.


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