How It Works - Our Process

This is How we Work

When you reach out to us regarding a project like a kitchen remodel, an addition, or any number of home improvement projects, we have a process to make sure we take care of you from start to finish.

Here is the honest truth: We have messed up a lot, and not all of our customers have been happy. However, because happy customers who love their homes is why we exist, we refused to settle. Instead, we have developed and refined this process to make sure our customers receive the best experience possible during their project. Consider yourself lucky: You are the beneficiary of years of trial and error. All this work has produced our process. Take a look at how we take care of our clients from start to finish:

1. Explore

Initial Conversation

Perhaps you found us online or via referral from a previous client. Either way, along the course of looking for a contractor you came across us and you decided to shoot us an email or give us a call.

Explore Vision and Goals

From that very fist connection, we will require a little bit of your time. It is interesting that many who call expect that we will just come out and give them a "free estimate". Instead, we will probably take at least 10-15 minutes to go over your vision and goals, and ask you several questions.
We will ask you question like:
-Have you ever remodeled before?
-How long do you plan on staying in your home?
-What are your primary concerns around your project?

Each of these questions helps us understand you, our client, and helps us understand your particular needs and concerns.

Establish Budget Expectations

More than likely, we have done a project like yours before. At least something close enough that we can talk you through what you could potentially expect to spend on that type of project. We also have many pricing guides on our website to help you determine a preliminary budget for your project to see if your expectations match reality. It does not matter to us if your budget is $5,000 or $500,000. Our goal is to help you establish a realistic budget for a project like the one you have planned.

2. Conceps

In-Home Consultation

That's right! For no cost or obligation to you, we will come to your home to go in-depth on your vision, goals, and budget expectations. We will take our time with you to explore options and talk through the different possibilities or forms your project could take.

Discuss Budget and Scope

While onsite, we will review that "prepared to spend" number against what we see onsite and evaluate if things are lining up. It is possible that your "prepared to spend" number is enough to cover your project. Most often, we find that clients need to expand that number in order to reach their goals. We will have an honest talk about your scope, level of finish, and budget to see how to make your project work

Preliminary Concepts & Designs

The next step is our Project Discovery Agreement. What if you could visualize what your project would look like when finished, before it even started? We can help you with that. You get a professional designer to work up what your project could look like. It is easy to impress people when things are free. So, we believe that in order to provide you with the best possible service, and to bring the professionals in to make the necessary components happen, we charge for our time and services here. The Project Discover Agreement is only 1% of the project budget. If you end up building with us though, we roll ALL of your design costs back into your project. When you work with Amber Valley, all design work is done at no additional charge!
Here is what you get with the Project Discover Agreement:
1. On-site field measurements and photographs
2. A general scope of work
3. Initial Drawings
4. A "Preliminary Cost Projection"
5. A Review of the scope, drawings and Preliminary Cost Projection at our office

You and view a copy of the agreement HERE.

3. Plan

Project Development

We believe this part, right here, is what sets us apart. Down to every possible detail, we map out and define your entire project on paper. If after Phase 1 "Project Discovery", if we are still tracking with each other on the scope and budget, we implement the Project Development Agreement. HERE is what that document looks like.

Here is what you get with Project Development:

1. Pre-Construction drawings for estimating purposes. As necessary, we provide the following:
• Main floor plan
• Foundation plan
• 2nd floor
• Rear elevation
• Right elevation
• Left elevation
• Wall section and stair section

2. Detailed scope of work. The proposed scope of work takes into account the drawings and your input to establish the extent and parameters of the work to be performed.
3. Finishes and fixture selections.These are the specifications for Plumbing and Electrical fixtures, Hardware, Tile, Countertops, Flooring, etc. All of these get compiled to give the detail necessary to compile pricing for the project that is in accordance with your desires.
4. Final Pricing. So that you can evaluate acceptability of the design and scope relative to budget, and whether and how to proceed toward construction, we provide you with a detailed budget based on the defined scope of work and the selected fixtures/finishes.
5. Proposed production schedule. This is a timeline of project preliminaries and construction. Here we will detail the flow and tasks that compose the project.

Plans, Selections, & Specifications

Details. Details. Details. The success of your project is in the details. Depending on the size of your project, there may be literally hundreds of decisions that go in to the selections and specifications. Every one of these needs to be right. You don't want us to guess what you want for that fixture. We don't want to guess what you want for that fixture. We want to plan it together so that we are both on the same page. Drawings. Yes. We need them. You need them. The township needs them. Good news: We have you covered here too. Check out what a completed Project Development Agreement looks like.

Cost Analysis & Proposal

Big Picture: The details set the price. Will you be spending $2,000 or $20,000 on countertops? Both are options. So, once we have all of those details nailed down, we are able to provide you with the price for your project. This, again, sets us apart from most other contractors. Most contractors provide estimates for their jobs. We provide prices. There is a big difference. We do it this way for you. We want you to receive what you expect. Not what we think you expect. We what you to know exactly what your project will entail.

4. Build

Permits and Scheduling

Once Phase 2 is complete, we are ready to move to the build stage. At this point, your entire project is "built" on paper. Every detail necessary to complete your project is in place. Now, pull the trigger! Project deposits are due here, and then we start pulling permits, and begin the initial scheduling phases. That preliminary schedule that we provided you now goes into effect, and we are ready to get the ball rolling.

Dedicated Project Management

What if you had one contact, one person to go to with any question for the entire project? What if you had someone who was a professional and who really knew where your project was at and what was going on? Wait, you do! At Amber Valley, we care about your experience during your project, so we have dedicated project managers to make sure you are taken care of all the way through the entire build phase of your project.

Online Management Access

During the build phase, you are never more than a log-in away from being able to keep tabs on your project. Through our on-line portal, you can ask questions, make notes, check on status updates, confirm change orders, view scheduling, and several more features. The entire project is at your fingertips. If you need to leave the state or country at any time during your project, you are only an Internet connection away from being able to check in on every detail. Click HERE to view some of the really cool features of our online system.

5. Love


When it is time to move into your remodeled space, you can do just that. Because of our build process, you don't have to worry about excessive dust or other damages to your home. Also, you will receive all the product warranty and registration information you need to get your new products registered and set up for long-term success.


We did it! Now you can love your home! After all, that is why you started this process in the first place. We have worked hard for your through this entire process so that we can get you to this point. So, now enjoy it! Take that long soak in you new tub, Invite guests over into your new space, or prepare that meal for your family in your new kitchen. You, a happy customer, is why we exist.

Peace of Mind: Warranty

The question here is "Will you take care of me after I write the final check?" Absolutely. We will take care of you. We hold ourselves and our trade parterres to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) standards for both warranty and quality. You can view that document HERE