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Planning a Home Office Addition

Sometimes work finds its way back home, and that’s ok. But when you’ve been working from home consistently or you have a hobby that demands its own special space it’s time to consider building out a real home office.  Having your own home workspace could impact not only your productivity, but the entire way you feel about your work and the enjoyment and positive impression this special, purposeful zone can yield.

If a home office sounds like it could benefit you in the coming year, here are a few tips for planning and executing the process:

Location is Key

The room you pick for your home office will largely determine how much you use it and how happy you are with it. You want a space that’s big enough for your needs, will comfortably house any equipment or decor you might need, and which gives you ample privacy. You should also consider the natural lighting and view, depending on your available options.


Your office will need to be connected. That may mean Ethernet, good Wi-Fi, properly positioned electrical outlets, a phone line, and more.

Structural changes

You may need to add some non-loading bearing walls to complete the space, depending on your home’s layout. Or perhaps new storage shelves, benches, flooring, or lighting solutions. These decisions, along with outlets and phone lines, are a major part of the remodeling / renovation side of things that an experienced contractor can really help you with.


Paint color, decor, and style decisions will play a big part in how the room reflects your character and personality. Have fun with it! You should also make sure you consider ergonomics, as a good chair, raised monitors, and suitable desk will pay for themselves in comfort and physical well-being many times over.

Tax Benefits

Home offices may also come with certain savings depending on your situation, which can help you finance your new space. This is especially true if you are operating your own business with direct or indirect expenses (including household utilities) that can be deducted from your earnings. Check this year’s tax code or work with a tax professional to learn more about the benefits and how they apply to you!

Get a Professional Estimate First

Depending on the size and scope of your home office renovation, an informed estimate might be the difference between an enthusiastically successful home transformation, or a DIY zombie project that drags on for months unfinished.

If you’re looking at setting up your own home office and you need structural or finishing work done, contact the team here at Amber Valley. We’ll set you up with a personalized estimate and answer any questions you might have, and can arrange all necessary permitting if you do decide to move forward.

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