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Repairing Roof Leaks

Michigan Roofing Team

Identifying the precise and location of a roof leak can be one of the hardest parts of actually solving the problem. Once the moisture finds a way in it can easily be diverted by insulation or architecture, resulting in water stained and mold growth that may not line up with the leak’s actual location.

But it is incredibly important that those leaks are resolved correctly. Moisture in the home is one of the most problematic, damaging, and persistent problems you can face and the cost of repair or recovery, in dollars and time, only grows the longer the moisture is allowed to work.

Once you or your contractor do locate the precise source of the problem, fixing it will generally involve one of the following tasks:

Resealing your Flashing

Flashing is a thin metal strip used around vent pipes, chimneys, and skylights installed in the roof to waterproof the joints. If the sealant around the flashing area has worn out or been damage it will need to be removed and replaced to restore the waterproof barrier.

Replacing Damaged Shingles

Shingles wear down with age, and if they are broken, missing, or have curled it provides moisture with an easy way through the roof and into the home. These shingles need to be properly removed, replaced, and secured in order to protect the home.

Replacing Vent Boots

A vent boot slides on top of any PVC vent or plumbing protruding from the roof in order to shield it and waterproof the junctions between them. Unfortunately, they wear with time and can develop leaks but they are relatively easy to remove and replace once you get access.

Refiting/Sealing Skylights

Skylights offer a straight shot from the home’s interior to the open sky, and they do often develop leaks, especially if the skylight seal is improperly installed or worn out from age or use. If your skylight is leaking you’ll need to have it refit, or replaced entirely if the assembly is damaged.

Patching or Replacing Worn Siding

Wall or window sidings can also become old and worn out from the weather or time. When they do water is able to pass straight through the flashing and into the home. The problem should be resolved by patching the siding with caulk or by replacing the damaged section as a whole. Just be sure the placement and siding overlap is handled correctly.


If you suspect a roof leak and need it taken care of to prevent mold and structural damage, you need Amber Valley Construction. We are a certified small business in the Grand Rapids Michigan area with a strong focus on customer service and excellent craftsmanship. Check our online reviews and ask for a free quote using the tab above, or by calling 616-965-1759. We look forward to serving you soon!

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