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Responding to Water Damage in West Michigan

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There are some things you just don’t mess around with, and water damage is one of them. Even small leaks can lead to incredible structural, interior, or electrical damage in no time at all, and mold growth yields all sorts of unwanted health risks and complications.

If you’ve experienced home water damage here in West Michigan, Amber Valley Construction is standing by, ready to respond fast to limit the damage and restore your home to a healthy, safe, and comfortable condition.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Identify the Problem

From bust pipes to broken water machines, clogged plumbing, broken dishwasher or refrigerator hoses, masonry or flashing failures, roof leaks, or ground flooding, water damage emerges from a wide variety of sources and can impact different areas of your home differently.

That makes tracking down the source and the extent of the problem the first step. While often obvious, this step can often be harder than it sounds, and may require special equipment to diagnose depending on the situation.

Step 2. Deal with the Water

Once the problem is identified (and the source of the water is shut off, whenever possible) it’s time to dry things out.

The longer the water is allowed to pool inside your home, the more likely it is to do permanent damage. Getting rid of the water may require the use of dehumidifiers or pumping equipment, designed to remove any standing water and dry out the remaining moisture as thoroughly as possible. We’ll also probably deploy some pretty impressive air movers to blow dry the area.

It’s important to note that the drying process might also involve some demolition. If water is trapped under the floor or in the walls, opening those surfaces up will allow the moisture to escape. Which leads to step three.

Step 3. Restoration

Even if your home is dried out as fast as humanly possible, any water exposure is going to do damage. This damage needs to then be repaired as part of the restoration portion of the project.

Generally, water damage restoration involves the removal of any home materials affected by the moisture, and their replacement and finishing. This may often include:

  • Flooring removal and replacement
  • Drywall Removal and replacement
  • Wall patching and painting
  • Insulation removal and replacement

Ready to Respond

If you’ve spotted water damage in your home you can’t put off dealing with the problem. Amber Valley Construction has the experience and equipment to deal with a wide variety of water damage projects, and we’re happy to provide straightforward estimates and clear timelines so you know what to expect during the process.

Proudly serving Greater Grand Rapids area of Michigan. Please use the contact tab above or call today for service.

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