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Restoration Services: We Restore What Was Lost So You Can Love Your Home Again

At Amber Valley, we provide restoration services because we’ve seen devastation unfold across Michigan homes and businesses, and we recognize the impact this has on the individuals who own, live, work, and depend on them. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Derek, the owner of the company, had his house burn down when he was in high school. Other members of our team have personally had trees land on buildings, water back up in the basement, and hail damage their personal property. Basically, we have been there. We know the emotional drain that you feel when your personal belongings are suddenly taken away.

Of all the restoration companies in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we are laser-focused on customer service. Our professional team is available on short notice to respond quickly to your emergencies. We move fast to first secure and protect your property from further damage, before working with your insurance and other parties to assess the situation, perform inspections, repair the damage, and fully restore your property to excellent condition.

One-Stop Solution for Restoration Services

When you have suffered a loss, the last thing you want to have to worry about is having to line up 17 different people to take care of the different aspects of your loss. When a fire happens, you need a board up team, a remediation team, a winterization team, a contents team, a pack-out team, a cleaning team, a reconstruction team. At Amber Valley, we are the team. We have partners who are the best in their field that take care of all these concerns for you. Does your daughter have soccer practice tomorrow and need her uniform cleaned and ready to go? We have that taken care of. Do you need a short-term rental option? We have access to property management companies who will work with you and your housing needs.

Our services include response to crises in residential homes and small to medium commercial structures such as:

Flood Damage
Smoke Damage
Fire Restoration
Wind Damage Repair
Storm Damage
Home Odor Removal
Mold Removal
Water Damage Restoration

My Insurance Company is Recommending a Contractor. What Should I do?

Many Insurance carriers utilize Third Party Administrators (TPAs). What this means is that the TPAs have contractors that work for them on a rotation basis. If there are seven contractors for the specific TPA, and you are lucky number 4, then you will get the fourth contractor on rotation. The difficult thing is that the contractor on the TPA works for the TPA. The TPA is their customer, not you. So, if you utilize whoever your insurance company is trying to get over there, you are using someone who is not working for you, but for a third party.

At Amber Valley, our restoration services mentality is that we steer clear of Third Party Administrators because we believe YOUR interestes should be secured, not the insurance company’s. Yes, we will work with your insurance company, and we have no problem negotiating a repair proposal that works for everyone, but we always consider who our client is: You, the home owner.

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    Do I have the Right Insurance for my Home?

    There are a lot of different insurance policies out there for your home. Not all of them are created equal. How do you know if you have sufficient coverage if the unthinkable were to happen? Would you be out in the cold?

    We have a helpful guide that has a few questions to ask your agent to ensure you have sufficient coverage to protect you and your family when disaster happens.
    Check out our guide HERE Let our experts and disaster response program help you!

    From small accidents to major catastrophes, fast response is critical to prevent further damage and jump start the insurance and recovery processes. If you’ve experienced a disaster situation and need professional advice and recovery and restoration service in West Michigan, contact Amber Valley today!