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Price Categories

There are so many different home improvement and remodeling products out there. And, because each one comes at it’s own price point, it becomes very confusing and difficult to have a conversation around products and costs. After a lot of trial and error in working though this perennial question with our clients, we have settled on a price structure that groups products into five different categories to help you, the client, get an accurate and quick grasp on product pricing. The goal is to help you be able to make smart decisions for your budget.

Here are the categories:

1. Entry
2. Good
3. Better
4. Best
5. Designer

Pretty straight forward, right? Kinda. What do they really mean though?

1. Entry. These are products that you would expect to find at a big box store like Menards, Home Depot or Lowes. Now, this is not to say that they do not have good products or even products in the Good or Better categories, because they do. Cheap would be another good word here. These are products that we would say you CAN put in your home, but we would not necessarily recommend them for long-term durability. Now, you can go even lower than entry (this lower category goes by the word “crap”), but you won’t find us touching it. We will install entry products, but we probably won’t warranty them.

Example "Entry" Products:
• Home Depot Faucets
• 3-tab shingles
• Laminate Counters
• Flush, hollow core doors.

2. Good. These are products that we will definitely stand behind. They are good. We would not consider them entry, but you can spend a lot more money, and there are a lot nicer options on the market. You may even consider them entry, but everyone has a different taste. There is nothing wrong with them, and they would work well in 75% of homes. Standard would be another good word here.

Example “Good” Products:

• CertainTeed Landmark Shingles
• Hollow-Core, Paneled doors
• MDF Trim
• Basic Granite/Quartz
• Framed glass shower door
• Laminate or vinyl plank flooring

3. Better. Here, for the fist time, we start to see some flair. These are not run of the mill items anymore. Something is different. Better products are for clients who are operating on a budget, but are looking for some curb appeal along with substantial durability. Afterall, you get what you pay for, right?

Example “Better” Products:

• CertainTeed Landmark PRO Shingles
• Solid-Core, Paneled doors
• MDF Trim with custom built-ins or accents
• Level II Granite/Quartz
• Frameless glass shower door
• Premium Laminate or Vinyl Plank flooring

4. Best. Now we are starting to take things to the next level. These are nice products. The price point is not for everyone. You are going to spend some coin to get these products, and have them installed professionally. But, dang, it is going to look sweet when it is done. Not only will you love the way it looks, but it will be something that will last for a very long time. You probably won’t find any of these products are Menards.

Example “Best” Products:

• CertainTeed Northgate Shingles
• Solid-Core, wood doors
• Stained Hardwoods with custom built-ins
• Level III Granite/Quartz
• Frameless glass shower door
• Hardwood flooring

5. Designer. The sky is the limit. There really isn’t a cap on what items in this category can cost. These are the items that are just “more than best”. Often, with designer products, both the labor and material are substantially more. These are your Semi-Custom and Custom lines that require specialty attention. You don’t want everyone touching a Ferrari. These items will not be for everyone and will require substantial investment. But, like a Ferrari, you have it because you can and you want it.

Example “Designer” products—All of these are pretty sweet:

• Slate Roofing
• Solid Wood specialty doors
• Custom designed and cut moldings and trim
• Precious and Semi-Precious granite and stone
• Ultra-Clear or custom glass shower surrounds
• Marble Flooring

Bringing it home.
There is obviously a range within each category. And, despite our best efforts, there is still some gray area. However, with open lines of communication, we can provide the remodel that is, well, you.

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