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October 30, 2019
Simple Ways Amber Valley Construction can Bring Universal Design to Your Next Kitchen Remodel! (Part 2)
November 13, 2019

Simple Ways Amber Valley Construction can Bring Universal Design to Your Next Kitchen Remodel! (Part 1)

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Have you heard of universal design? It’s a principle that looks to make homes and other spaces as easy to use and accessible as possible to everyone, no matter what disabilities or physical limitations they may have.

You may think this sounds unnecessary, expensive, or inconvenient, but if you do you’re dead wrong! Universal design makes spaces great for everyone, and that includes you and your family. So for your next kitchen remodel, consider the following universal design features that you are sure to love!

Under Counter Appliances

Stand-alone appliances have been around for a very, very long time. But modern kitchens are taking them in a different direction with appliances built in to your counter structure, with pull-out designs that make reaching, opening, and using your appliances easier than ever. It may feel a little strange at first to drop your food down into a microwave, instead of putting it straight in, but the easy access is something you’ll get used to in a hurry!

Deep Drawers, Not Cabinets

Cabinets are a pain. Open the door, hunker down, reach inside, and rustle around till you find and pull out what you need… There has to be a better way. Just like those appliances we mentioned, universal design cabinets instead can take the form of deep pull-out drawers that offer easy access and a clear view of everything inside. It’s a much easier and smoother system to use and can be a lifesaver for those with sore joints who might struggle to get low and reach for the pot or pan they need.

Easy Open Features

Tiny hardware knobs can be difficult for some individuals to see or grip. Universal design kitchens instead use oversized hardware pulls that are easy for everyone to grip, and add a lovely flair to your kitchen design. This includes appliance handles, cabinet handles, and even open-cabinet designs that eliminate the cabinet faces altogether.

Lowered Countertops

Lowered or two-level countertops provide space for those with movement disabilities (including the elderly and wheel-chair bound) to more easy use and sit beside your counter space, joining the rest of the family. It also makes things easier for small children!

Check back next week for part 2!

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