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Do you have a dream kitchen hidden away in your imagination? One with subway tile and stainless steel appliances, or real granite and hardwood floors flooded by sunlight from double wide windows?

It’s fun to imagine and plan for those ‘what if’s’. But for many of our friends and neighbors here in West Michigan, the reality is a small, isolated kitchen with aged design choices and horrible flow.

If this is your reality, don’t worry! There are a number of affordable kitchen remodeling strategies that might not give you the kitchen of your dreams, but should at least allow you to make the most of the space you do have so your kitchen feels bigger, works better, and generates a more positive flow across your entire home.

Upgrade to Ceiling-Height Cabinetry

Most cabinets are a standard height and don’t reach all the way to the ceiling. This leaves open space that is essentially wasted and eventually just becomes a dust trap. Custom full-size cabinetry is a great solution for adding needed storage space and extending your kitchen upwards—though we understand some readers might need a tall spouse or a folding stool to reach the top shelves. J

Install Custom Kitchen Islands with Seating

Small tables or rolling drawers in the kitchen are very space inefficient when compared with a well-built kitchen island (or peninsula, depending on your layout) with built-in, tuck-away seating. Different island designs offer convenient countertop prep space, storage, or low-profile seating, allowing you to do more despite the tight quarters.

Knock out a Wall

Small kitchens were an intentional design choice for many older homes. But often these older designs can be easily modified so the kitchen and adjoining dining or living room are opened up into each other for a  more open, modern feel. Depending on appliances, design, finishing work, and utility lines, knocking out a wall to generate more room-to-room flow may be a relatively simple remodeling project, or a very involved one.

Install Hanging Storage

Open hanging storage for pots and pans, and magnetic knife strips, are a modern design choice that recalls images of professional kitchens on TV. They also put your most important kitchen tools at an arm’s reach and can be installed to take advantage of otherwise wasted overhead space.

Replace Solid Cabinet Faces with Glass

Glass paned cabinet faces will naturally make the space feel bigger and more open. They’re also a relatively modern choice and convenient for any guests who may be visiting and who might not know where the glasses or plates are stored. You’ll love the way they change the look and feel of even the narrowest kitchen!

If you’re working on taking an old, outdated, or cramped kitchen and turning it into something modern, open, and inviting, you’ll need the help of a West Michigan kitchen and home contractor you can trust. Call Amber Valley Construction today at (616) 965-1759 for a personalized quote! We can’t wait to give you a space that feels comfortable, inviting, and ready the home cooked meals you and your family deserve.

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