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Smart Storage – The New Trend Rocking Kitchens

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Many of us have found ourselves stuck in our homes over the course of the last year. Thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have either been stuck in our homes over the past year – or we’ve chosen to stay there. This has led to our homes becoming busier than ever before.

Even the kitchen has become a temporary office space for some people, leaving less room for our day-to-day culinary tasks. But, space doesn’t have to be such a rare commodity in your kitchen, even if yours is only small. 

With enough care and ingenuity, any kitchen space can accommodate our new indoor lives. The following explores some of the fantastic smart storage ideas that are rocking kitchens around the world.

Get rustic with larders and large cupboards

Larders and larger storage cupboards allow you to keep your food products at a stable temperature all in one place. This will keep everything you need fresh and easy to find. Larders are also considerably larger on the inside than they may appear from the outside. They boast strategically placed shelving within doors, and deep and sturdy draws throughout.

Larders can also be easily customised to fit within any design aesthetic, and painted to blend in or stand out in any colour scheme. Larders can be left free-standing, fill empty spaces, or fit into walls and shelves to maintain a sense of balance between simplicity and functionality.

Make the most of your surfaces

The central surfaces of your kitchen contain vital elements such as your oven, shelving, and your sink. This space can, with a little bit of space and creativity, become a storage haven for your kitchen. 

It may depend on the amount of time and energy you are willing to spend, but creating more space within your surfaces can be done by adding more shelves, more cupboards, and more drawers, or going a step further and completely refitting your surfaces to add extra space. As part of this, you may need to completely refit your oven, or even your sink, in order to get the most out of your surface space, but with a little assistance, it can be easily done.

Fold your furniture away

If you are dealing with a smaller-than-average kitchen, you may want to opt for fold away furniture, such as tables, counters, and seating. This will help you customise the experience of your kitchen whenever you need to.

Today, you could have all of the room possible to prepare a meal, while tomorrow, with a table and chairs folded out, you have a dedicated space to enjoy your meal, all in one room. You could even make a display of your fold-away furniture by hanging fold-away chairs from walls, which creates a lovely rustic feel. In fact…

Hang everything on your walls

Your kitchen may not have much floor space, and you may not even have the room for new cupboards, but your walls may just be an untapped source of potential. Anything can be hung on your wall with a little bit of ingenuity. You can hang pots and pans, kitchen utensils, mugs, and even towels, by using copper pipes, hooks, handles, and even more.

This will create a wonderfully eclectic look for your kitchen and create exciting talking points for any guests.

Create a kitchen island

If your kitchen’s shape and size are just right, you could even consider getting your hands on a kitchen island, an extra surface for your kitchen, usually placed in the center of the room. 

Kitchen islands can be customised in a massive number of ways, with massive design and colour options available. Your new island could become a storage haven, with built in cupboards, or even a dining area, with space to stow stools. Smaller kitchens can also get in on the island action, with more compact designs that still allow for more storage space in your kitchen. 

Use every single space

It may sound obvious, but make sure you are looking through every single nook and cranny of your kitchen to find untapped sources of potential. Are there small spaces of wall that could accommodate a few small shelves? Are there corners that could be fitted with a small corner unit for extra storage?

With a little bit of creativity and ingenuity, any space can be optimally structured to create maximum storage potential.

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