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Interesting Natural Light Options for your Spa Bathroom

Bathroom redesigns are a great choice for adding new value, comfort, and class to your home. But windows are an often overlooked part of the plan, which is a shame as interesting, modern, and beautiful options for bathroom natural light exist. Here are a few to consider for your next remodel project with Amber Valley Construction—your local West Michigan home remodelers and residential contractors.

1. Transom Windows

Are you giving up your window space for a new shower or tub? A transom window can give you your natural light back without the space requirement of a standard window. Instead of centering on the wall at chest level, transoms are narrow and are generally installed without window treatments higher up on the wall, around forehead level or higher. The wide width allows light in while the placement protects your privacy and keeps the window safely out of the way. Recessed designs can give you another ledge to store toiletries as well.


2. Textured Glass

Would you like the natural light without worrying about cords, blinds, or privacy invasion? Frosted glass blocks or glass window panes let light in while disgusting you from without, so you don’t need to bother shifting the blinds every morning before your shower. A wide variety of different shapes and patterns are available to complement your space.

3. Between-the-Glass Blinds

This updated window style is ideal for the bathroom setting. The blinds, which are usually a form of cloth and come in a variety of colors to match your décor, are safely installed between the panes of the window and are moved via an external mechanism-and some can even be motorized and automated. This construction protects the blinds from dust and moisture while offering a minimalist impression and plenty of privacy when you need. You’ll also be avoiding eyesore pull cords, which can be a strangulation hazard for small children and which constantly tangle up due to daily use.

Just be aware that integral blinds or enclosed blinds are more commonly found in slider doors, and while window versions do exist they can be tricky to find and order.

4. Shower Skylights or Solar Tubes

An ultimate spa-style bathroom mod, an overhead skylight offers lots of natural light and a view up to the heavens above while you relax in the warm water. You could even install yours over a soaking tub, giving you the perfect view up and out.  But for us Michiganders skylights can create a problem when it comes to ice and winter. Because skylights allow warm air all the way up to the ceiling they can interfere with your roof’s thermal envelope, leading to ice dams and potential water damage on walls and exterior materials.

Fortunately there’s an affordable overhead alternative that contributes the same natural light without the problems of insulation: Solar Tubes. A solar collector dome is installed in the roof, which transports natural light down into your house through reflective tube and into a diffuser dome installed in the bathroom ceiling. During bright outdoor periods your bathroom, even without any other exterior windows, will be sun soaked with real, natural sunlight without the problems associated with skylights during the winter. It’s a simple but charming design that can help fend off seasonal affective disorder and cut down on power use during the day.




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