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Surviving your Home Remodel

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Many home remodeling projects are completed while you, the homeowner and your family, continue to live in the house. And that can mean a fair amount of disruption and stress during certain parts of the project. The more you know of what to expect and how best to prepare, the better the experience will be.

  1. Get the Schedule

Even if your contractor is minimizing the disruption and working around your at-home hours, there will be a clash. So, work with your contractor to get as good a schedule of days and hours of work as possible. Once you know when the work will start, how long it will go, and when it will stop, you can start planning. Of course, the unexpected does happen and it’s always possible those dates and times may change, but a good agreed upon schedule is a necessary place to start.

  1. Set Contingencies

Depending on what work is going to happen, you’ll need to set up systems to live your life around it. This may involve setting up a temporary home office space if your regular office is under construction, moving your bed downstairs if a bedroom is being refurnished, or setting up a microwave and a minifridge full of quick and easy meals with plastic plates if you can’t use the kitchen.

Having good alternatives in place will help you stay sane and keep up with your schedule during the day.

  1. Have a Retreat

Ideally, your contractor will take steps to minimize the disruptions of your renovation. But no matter how careful and quiet your contractor tries to be, some tasks related to the renovation process are going to be noisy, dusty, with some unpleasant smells or vapors resulting. Even with fans, filters, ear plugs, and closed doors it’s always a good idea to have a friend or relative on call so you and your loved ones can pack up and leave for their home if the work is too much.

  1. Choose the Right Contractor

The best way to get through your renovation or home addition is to choose the right contractor for the job in the first place. For West Michigan, Amber Valley Construction offers the best home contractor service with the tools, experience, and fair affordable pricing to back it up. We’re proud of our reputation and our portfolio and we would love to work for you. Give us a call today for a home remodel estimate and let us give you the home upgrade you’ve been dreaming of.

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