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Telltale Signs of Home Structural Damage

Structural Repair Grand Rapids, MI

You have your home inspected before you buy or after it’s built. You take care of it, putting in the time and effort to keep your property looking great. You count on it to stand up and give you and your family a safe, comfortable place to live day after day, year after year.

Unfortunately, none of this can prevent structural damage if it’s going to happen. And each home is different, with the evidence clear as day in one case and hidden away, easily overlooked in the next.

However, there are some telltale evidences of structural damage that you can and should be on the lookout for. These include:

Roof or Fascia Sagging

Some issues are easier to spot from a distance. If you’re looking at your house from across the road or down the street and you notice a sag in the ridgeline of your home’s roofing or fascia, it may be evidence of damage, foundation settlement, or even poor overall construction.

Bowing or Bending Walls

A loss of wall stability is serious and could indicate a number of serious structural issues. If you notice your walls beginning to slouch or shift it’s extremely important that you contact an expert to identify and resolve the cause of the failure before repairing the damage, leaving your home in safe and stable condition afterwards.

Cracked Window Lintels

Once a home begins to shift it can put pressure on the lintel, the solid piece spanning the area over your window, and even cause it to crack. If you notice a cracked lintel it indicates significant movement within the structure—possibly even building towards a partial collapse of your home.

Wall or Floor Cracking

Not all drywall cracks are caused by structural damage. Sometimes cracks happen just because of changing temperatures or moisture levels which can fluctuate with the seasons. But structural cracks that are a result of a bad foundation or some other hidden structural damage will get worse over time as long as the root cause of the damage remains. These cracks are generally wider than 1/8”, wider at the top than the bottom, and may have a stair step pattern (evidence of different portions of the home sheering apart).

Door or Window Deformation

As the house sifts it can cause door or window frames to sag on one side or another, gradually falling out of square. Because the door or window inside the frame doesn’t change shape this movement can lead to increasingly tight, ill-fitting, or broken doors or windows around the home.

What You Should Do If Your Home Has Structural Damage

If you suspect structural damage to your home, call us right away! Structural damage only gets worse over time, causing more harm to your home and leading to more difficult repairs as it’s ignored.

Our team will work to evaluate the damage, identify the cause, and deliver real solutions to stop the problem. We’ll do everything in our power to repair your home structural damage and give you back a safe, steady, and reliable Grand Rapids, MI home to enjoy.

Call us today at (616) 965-1759 or email for more information.

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