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July 19, 2019
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August 3, 2019

Ten Kitchen Trends to Watch for 2020 (Part 2)

Continuing from part one, we’re taking a look at some of the most exciting kitchen design trends coming up next year and into the 2020s!

6. Ornate Backsplashes

More than just functional, kitchen backsplashes are really shining as a design feature that homeowners can customize to express themselves. Many have begun moving to larger tiles, tiles with natural texture, or patterned tiles which can lend a burst of color to an otherwise muted modern design aesthetic. Material options include marble, quartz, wood, copper, stainless steel, glass and more.

7. Open Display Shelving

Many modern kitchen designs are exchanging closed upper cabinets for open shelving that provide a great focal point for the kitchen, and a chance for homeowners to prominently feature items like plates, pitchers, mason jars, or other decorative touches.

 The design choice is practical as well, lending the kitchen an open and uncluttered feeling and making it easier to grab key items without cabinet doors in the way. Just be careful not to overload the shelves (both for weight and visual impact) and you may find open shelving a perfect option for your space

8. New Finishes

While polished finishes are still the most common for countertops, honed and leather finishes are on the rise and can be applied to materials like granite, marble, and (of course) quartz when requested.

A honed finish is matte with a low sheen and smooth, vaguely textured surface. Leathered finishes also have a soft sheen, but with a more textured and softer touch. Both are great for giving stone a more natural and more sophisticated look, and can help disguise fingerprints, water spots, and other imperfections.

9. Black, Espresso, Blues, and Other Dark Cabinetry

We’ve all seen enough of white kitchens, and in response many new remodels are making good use of blacks, espresso or walnut tones, dark or fun blues, and other bold color options. Dark colors are clean, comfortable, and when done well can make accent colors or gold, brass, and copper hardware stand out.

Just be sure that a darker kitchen has ample natural and manmade lighting in order to maintain visibility and clarity.

10. Raw Materials

Alongside all the other trends we’ve mentioned, there is a constant pull towards natural materials in modern kitchen design, and often in unexpected applications. Stone, hardwood, shiplap, pallet wood, and leather are all finding their way into modern kitchen designs by virtue of their timeless natural beauty. Consider wood tiles, stone or butcher block countertops, wood or leather drawer or cabinet handles, and other rustic design features which all offer a welcoming and timeless balance against today’s minimalist design philosophy.

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