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The 5 Home Additions Most Likely to Add Value

Do you ever feel cramped at home, like a certain something is just missing? Maybe you should consider a brand new home addition to add much-needed space and flexibility to your homestead.

Of course, any home expansion project is going to be an investment, one that is best to make only if you plan on on sticking around for a few years to enjoy the results. That said, there are a few home additions out there that are much more likely than others to add real value to your home, allowing you to potentially recoup much of the price of the project once it’s time to sell.

Of course, there are no guarantees. But these home additions do have promise worth considering.

1. A Second Story

A two story addition can greatly increase the square footage at your disposal and make your home a much more attractive buy for homeowners with growing families or space requirements. However, a second story addition does involve greater than average level of complexity, time, and cost.

2. A Master Suite

Imagine a section built out from your main house, enclosing a large master bedroom, master bath, and walk-in closets. You might even have extra storage or sitting room / reading nook. Master Suites can be a personal sanctuary and a huge draw when selling your home.

3. Kitchen Expansion

Remodeling a worn-out, decades-old kitchen can only help a home’s value and attractiveness, and it may also make your life much easier as you prepare food and entertain for years to come. But if the existing kitchen is too small you may want to consider moving a wall or expanding outwards from the main house, giving you extra storage, seating, or prep space in what is generally one of the busiest areas of the home.

4. Bathroom Expansion

Close behind kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels and updates are greatly prized by home buyers. And if the home is missing bathrooms compared to its size or bedroom count, bathroom additions can help correct this imbalance and give you a cozy new option when nature calls too many family members all at once.

5. A New Deck

Expanding your home with brand new deck gives you the perfect vantage point to entertain and enjoy the summer months while also contributing up to 80% of the deck’s value back in home value. That’s an amazing potential efficiency for a surprisingly affordable project, and one that anyone can enjoy on those lazy summer afternoons or warm Autumn evenings.

Are you considering a home addition project? Amber Valley’s designers and contractors help West Michigan homeowners every day with high quality designs and outstanding workmanship at fair and accessible pricing. Call us today and we’ll work out a plan that best fits your needs so you can fall in love with your home all over again!

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