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The Johnson Project

Client Overview
Doug and Jamie have lived in their home for about a decade now and wanted to make some changes to keep up with their lifestyle. When meeting with the Johnsons, we learned that they wanted to spruce up their kitchen, as well as finish their basement from head to toe. Their goal for the basement was to create a wonderful space for crafting, playing vintage video games, and a hangout spot for their teenagers. Here is an overview of what we did at the Johnsons and a bit about the process and work that went into it!


Kitchen Wishlist

  • Replace cabinet hardware
  • Additional lighting in living room
  • New countertops and backsplash
  • Replace wallpaper with fresh paint
  • The Johnson Project

    Basement Wishlist

  • Craft room
  • 3/4 Bathroom
  • Office
  • Family room
  • Storage closet
  • Update staircase
  • Sump pump upgrade with battery hookup
  • Finishing of closet under stairs
  • This project went under contract in November 2021. After the contract, construction lasted from December 2021 through March 2022.
    One of the most important things to the Johnsons throughout the design of this basement project was functionality. With both Doug and Jamie working from home, they wanted to have plenty of living and working space.
    Part of that goal was achieved by making a craft room for Jamie! This craft room now doubles as her office and space to be creative. She wanted a little bit of sparkle which was achieved by adding some fun, hand blown glass knobs on her craft drawers as well as a chandelier overhead. The space planning for the cabinetry in this room was designed to give her room to lay out supplies but still have a place to hide them when not in use.
    Design and functionality went hand in hand for this project. To add a pop of color in the basement, we made an accent wall with deep blue where the tv would go. The tv being against this accent wall created a nice contrast with the screen and the wall color. This living space is designed to be a space for the Johnsons’ kids to hangout, make a bowl of popcorn, and spend time with friends.
    Just because it is a lower-level bath does not mean it needs to be cramped and tucked away. The Johnsons desired for this bathroom to be functional yet spacious. We were able to achieve this by making the lower-level bath a 3-piece bathroom (toilet, sink, and shower) as opposed to adding a tub that takes up a lot of space.
    The lower-level bedroom also achieved functionality by being spacious enough for it to also be used as an office. Another fun aspect of this basement is the music center that is seen as you walk into the living area. This area is the perfect location for their daughter to practice her guitar!
    These design renderings coupled with ideas and adjustments along the way made for a space that the Johnsons love and one that they are proud to call their home.
    Alright, lets talk numbers for a second.
    We are very upfront with our clients about prices because we do not want anything to be a surprise to them during this process.
    For this project, which consisted of updating the kitchen and completely finishing the basement, we came in at $97,000 and some change. This final price was only $1,300 over the originally estimated price. That is a win in our books to be that close to the estimate when all is said and done!
    Construction (Before/During Photos)
    We love getting to take pictures throughout the entire process because by the end we get to see how much things have really changed and improved!
    Final Look (After Photos)
    Client Overview

    Designing the Johnson’s basement was a treat for us because of all the fun, unique features we got to add. With Jamie’s request to have some ‘glittery” touches we got to play around with different elements we don’t normally get to!

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