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The Problem with Mold

Flooding, water damage, broken ventilation, or a slow leak from your pipes: wherever there’s moisture there will be mold, and once it’s started to spread in your home it can’t be ignored. Unfortunately there’s a great deal of misunderstanding and misinformation surrounding mold and mold restoration, so we’d like to fill in some of the gaps.

How can you tell if your home has mold?

There are over 300,000 varieties of molds and plenty of those can spread in your home if the conditions are right (limited ventilation, available moisture and heat). Unfortunately identifying the mold can be tricky. Different species come with different colors and growth patterns and many may be mistaken for dirt or mildew, or the mold may be completely hidden within a wall or other space.

Ultimately if you suspect your home has mold you’ll need to call an expert to evaluate the situation, identify the cause, and develop a solution.

Why is mold such a problem?

Long-term exposure to mold (which releases spores into the air you breathe) is extremely unhealthy, and depending on the individual and the mold involved, can be dangerous.

Health organizations have repeatedly found causal links between indoor mold exposure and a variety of serious persistent health issues and respiratory conditions in particular. Endless wheezing, stuffiness, coughing, lack of energy, or general throat, skin, or eye irritation… and the elderly, children, and immune-compromised individuals are at an especially high risk.

Plus, mold can wear away and ruin wood, carpet, drywall and other household materials resulting in extensive damage and repair work if not checked early on.

When can you fix it yourself?

Minor mold growth in the bathroom, basement, or other damp areas is common and can be controlled with some diluted bleach and scrubbing (always use proper safety precautions). The real problem comes when mold flies under radar, leading a homeowner to eventual discover major areas of mold growth or mold spreading across drywall, studs, or subflooring. In these cases you definitely want to call the pros to have the affected materials sterilized and removed safely before the damage (including the root cause of the mold) is restored.

At Amber Valley Construction we observe all official IICRC mold removal guidelines, responding quickly to your calls and taking the right steps to clear out any contamination in your home, dispose of it properly, and restore your home and its air to a healthy, clean state.

West Michigan mold removal experts

If you need mold testing or mold restoration and remediation service in Grand Rapids Michigan, call the professional team at Amber Valley Construction today!

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