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The Top 5 Home Improvement Tasks for Homeowners this Fall

Here in West Michigan Fall is an outstanding season for home improvements, renovations, and maintenance work. The cooler weather makes the work more comfortable, summer vacations are all wrapped up so we all have a bit more time, and winter weather is right around the corner.

So consider the following five home improvements and checkups for this fall and thank us later! J

Clean out the Gutters

Gutters get a lot of use during the fall season, so take a dry opportunity to get up on your roof and clean them out, or contact a service to do it (safely) for you. Backed up gutters can lead to water damage on your roof or the exterior of your home, and can even flood your basement if water is not diverted correctly.

Check your Roof

While you’re up there, check your roof or have a professional (like us!) give it a good inspection. Any leaks or damaged shingles should be repaired early on, before the damaged can spread, and fall is a much better time for repairs than winter.

Look over your Windows

If you haven’t checked your windows in a few years it’s past time to give them an inspection. Windows naturally wear down with age and use, and any deformation or material failure can result in fast leaks that let warmth out of your home during the cold months when you need it most, driving up your heating bills.

To improve your home’s thermal efficiency you should inspect the weather stripping and caulk and make any touchups necessary to stop drafts before they become uncomfortable, and expensive.

Power Wash

Power washing is hard work, but so rewarding! Now that the temperatures have dropped it’s the perfect time to fire up a rented unit and peel away all those years of grime, dirt, and mold, showing off the true beauty of your home, deck, concrete, and other surfaces.

Check your Chimney

If you’re planning on using your fireplace this year you should have your chimney inspected by a professional to make sure it’s safe to use and not a hazard due to creosote buildup, blockage, or other issues.

Need Repairs?

Amber Valley Construction provides the highest quality door, window, roof, and siding repairs in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the surrounding communities. Contact us today for more information, and enjoy the changing seasons here in West Michigan. Cheers!

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